Day 24: Sugar fix

Are you tired of reading about our meals? Because I am getting a little tired of posting about them. But we’ve almost made it to the end of the month–hooray! Today my hubby stopped at the store after work for the teeniest list ever: OJ, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Essential items, all. We have to have our calcium-fortified OJ for breakfast, and we NEED chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy treats this weekend! I really think that one of the things that keeps frugal food interesting is the regular appearance of dessert! We’ve spent $295 this months, so we have 5 bucks left to last til next Thursday.

After school this afternoon we chopped up, cooked and pureed some pumpkin that I’m planning to use in muffins tomorrow. We roasted pumpkin seeds with a bit of taco seasoning, to eat as snacks. And we made about 6 dozen cookies for weekend munchies.

Breakfast:: Apple pancakes, bananas, OJ
Lunch: Fried rice, cucumbers, pears
Dinner:: Panda-Style Orange Chicken (Family Feasts p. 134) with peppers, onions, and squash, served over thin spaghetti noodles, kind of like chow mein. Cookies for dessert


  1. I want to eat at your house!

  2. I agree, chocolate chip cookies are a neccessity!

  3. I think it is probably a sad commentary on my own life : ), but I am not at all tired of reading about what you are cooking! I continue to be impressed with how often you COOK for lunch. Maybe when my kids are older that won’t seem completely exhausting? I have four, 5 and under right now . . .

  4. I love seeing others’ menu plans. Reminds me of stuff I haven’t made in awhile.

    We’re quite a bit under budget this month. I’ve spent $102.04 since the first of the month for our family.

  5. With having desserts so often, how do you make sure that you (your whole family) take care of your health and bodies? I feel that this is important for a myriad of reasons, the most important being that God asks us to do so!

  6. Sorry…one other question for you! 🙂 In your Family Feasts book, for dishes that are baked in the oven should I assume that they should be baked uncovered unless specified otherwise?

  7. Mary, I really wish that I enjoyed cooking and working in the kitchen as much as you do!!!

  8. HI Elizabeth,
    Moderation in everything! I am just trusting that a cookie or two a day won’t finish us off healthwise, esp considering we eat so many veggies and only moderate amounts of meat most days. Plus some meals are vegetarian, and we eat very little fast food.

    Yes, bake casseroles uncovered unless otherwise specified! 🙂

  9. Mary, I’m quite inspired by you, and will miss the daily meal reports at the end of this month! 🙂 It’s been fun to watch you go through this month, and see how you have fed your family very well on $300!

  10. Your books came today! I cannot wait to get into them!!!!

  11. Amazing how little you spent and how well you eat. We don’t spend a lot on food and eat very well, but there’s only two of us.

    I’m making hot pepper jelly this weekend. I love it on a bagel with cream cheese.

  12. Rice Krispie treats…my favorite

  13. Hurray for your son! Great job! I have two that are just starting the whole high school thing. I am finding homeschooling a bit more challenging now!

  14. i’ve been enjoying hearing about your eating this month- and hooray for posting EACH meal! can’t wait to read your book either…

    but one Q- how to do the roasted pumpkin seeds with taco seasoning? sounds great, and we have a bunch of pumpkins.


  15. I actually enjoy hearing about your meals – if you can make that much and can and homeschool your multiple kids, it surely inspires me to do the same for my 3! I hope you don’t stop posting it completely!