Day 21: Yawning

It’s midnight and I’m fading fast, so I’m just going to share today’s meals and encourage you to head over to last week’s linky, if you haven’t already, to see how other folks are doing with the $75/week challenge. And check back soon — I’ve got some book reviews that I am hoping to get up on the blog in the next few days, and at least one of them is a giveaway!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with strawberry jam, orange juice
Lunch: Leftovers- pumpkin ravioli, rice, Ethiopian sloppy joes, apples
Snack: Cookies, apples
Dinner: Salmon, hash brown combo (FF, p. 86), cabbage slaw


  1. I ordered both of your books. I cannot wait to get them. Although my 5 kids will seem tame compared to 10!

  2. Thank you for your comment about the after school snack dilemma. The kids are so hungry when they come home but it is so close to dinner- I hate to give them junk then. Your suggestions are nice & healthy so I have some of those things ready maybe that will work. Good luck on the rest of the month & $31- that is cutting it close!

  3. I just want to thank you for raising my awareness on my grocery spending and through your FF book, helping me to plan my menus, use things we have, and just in general raise my consciousness on how to provide meals etc for my family without wasting money or food. My middle son is loving the desserts – he wants to know if I can make a batch of cookies each week – how hard can that be? And my bread machine is back in continous use as all of my kids love fresh bread for breakfast (and its much cheaper than cereal!) Thanks again – I’m really learning a lot.

  4. Hi Mary!
    Just a quick question for you….
    I made the Ethiopian Sloppy Joes the other day with the homemade Berbere seasoning from your book and it was sooo hot we couldn’t eat it! And this from a family who loves spicy (think habanero sauce….) ! It was delicious, but so spicy!
    I made the Berbere, and used 2 lbs beef – so the whole 1/4 cup of berbere….which is almost all cayenne powder…so I guess the hot should not have surprised me! 🙂
    What did I do wrong? Are my spices spicier than yours, or do you guys really like it *that* spicy? 🙂
    Thanks for any help you can offer!

  5. Hi Carrie,
    Ethiopian food is *crazy* spicy, much spicier than most Mexican food. Maybe not quite as hot as Indian food, but nearly. Could be your cayenne is spicier than mine, but berbere is supposed to be seriously hot.

    Many people in my family like it that hot…my husband and my 4 year old prefer it milder.

    If you didn’t already throw the food away, you could add another couple pounds of burger to decreased the spiciness, or add 4 or 5 cubed cooked potatoes, which actually is still an authentic Ethiopian dish! And of course in the future, yeah, less berbere.

    Hope your tongues recover soon! 😛