Day 16: Dreaming of apples

Here’s how weird I am.

Last week I had a dream that apples were 39 cents a pound. I was jubilant. Then I woke up.


But — glory be! — yesterday the grocery store fliers arrived, and my lovely Paul’s grocery store has apples 3 pounds for $1! Do I even need to mention I went to the store again today?? Between apples, brown sugar, and onions, I spent $11, bringing my total for the month to $213.

Breakfast: Granola, milk, juice
Lunch: leftover potato soup, tomatoes, fresh bread
Dinner: leftover mac and cheese, cucumber salad

I just realized I barely cooked today. Except for that loaf of bread. And 18 quarts of tomatoes. Plus I processed 3 pumpkins into puree. And froze the last of the green beans. Guess I did enough.



  1. That’s okay…last week I dreamed that I was given two huge bushels of peaches and I spent two days canning them. It was the best dream in a long time. I have become such a kitchen geek…and my family LOVES it! 🙂

  2. That is so funny about your dream, but best of all, I feel SO validated! I have domestic dreams as well. I also seem to do a lot of problem solving in my sleep, dreaming solutions to issues around the house. In my sleep is probably the only time God could get my undivided attention. LOL!

    I am just starting to think about my grocery list tomorrow, I’ve got about $110 left. One thing I’m running up against that has made this challenge more….challenging (sorry, I can’t find the thesaurus) is that three of our children participate in a co-op on Friday that require packing of lunch. I struggle with guilt when I buy pre-packaged jellos, granola bars, etc, but reality is that sometimes I don’t get around to baking much through the week.
    Yesterday, I was preparing to bake cookies in anticipation of lunch-packing only to realize that I needed a few more ingredients….darned this challenge. 🙂 We do leftovers, etc in lunches, it’s just one more thing to worry about on top of everything else in this home right now.

    Thanks, Mary, for doing this with your readers! It’s built a sense of community among us and it’s been fun!


  3. Mu kids love those pre-packages jellos and puddings. A money saver that takes little time is to buy some small Gladware type containers and fill them with instant pudding or jello that you mix up. They store in the fridge well, the containers can be re-used many times plus you can put fruit in the jellos if you want.
    We make them up alot in the summer when we pack a cooler for the lake or when we travel in the car.
    Kids love them.

  4. I wish I had a dream like that – and that it came true. Just curious – do you live close to the store? I live within5 minutes, but try not to go but once a week. Some weeks I will go to 2 different stores on different days, but I guess i try to stay out of them. Too tempting to get the other stuff I need while there.

  5. I read your blog with awe. I can’t come close to getting both homeschooling done, plus the amount of food preservation you do. Can I clone you and have you move in? 😉

  6. “I just realized I barely cooked today. Except for that loaf of bread. And 18 quarts of tomatoes. Plus I processed 3 pumpkins into puree. And froze the last of the green beans. Guess I did enough……”
    This made me laugh out loud….I am amazed by all you get accomplished….if that is barely cooking I bowww down to you!!!
    I enjoy your blog!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Jennifer, We are about 15 minutes from the store, so that limits the number of times I get to the store. This week, going twice in two days happened because I had other essential errands both days.

  8. Sunnie, I guess what I meant is that I fed my family leftovers two meals in a row! And cereal for breakfast! 🙂

  9. I love the apple dream!! Since it was prophetic – would you consider dreaming that MY store had apples for $0.33/lb : )?

  10. That is so funny! A friend has brought us bushels of apples this fall already, and I have thought of you often because I remember that in the past you canned and canned and canned apples- I thought they grew on your property!

  11. Yeah, we do, but we had a late frost this year, so no apples.

  12. I think you finding cheap apples was a blessing. A leader in my church calls those moments “tender mercies of the Lord,” when the little blessing you need falls in your lap when you need it.