Day 15: Cleaning out the freezer

Half way through the month– hooray!  I did end up going to the store today, and got most of the odds and ends I mentioned yesterday.  I spent $14, so that brings my total for the month to $202. Am feeling more optimistic about making it to the end of the month under budget now that we’ve made it to the half way point and I know I still have quite a bit of food.  I am planning on doing more canning in the morning, as John says there are lots more veggies ready in the garden.

Today, however, I got the fun of a different project.   Here are some pictures of the skirts that I made my little girls from the lovely bed skirt that my friend Molly gave me. I lined the skirts with the white cotton fabric that was the backing of the bedskirt.   You can click on the pictures for larger views.  I’ve got more fabric left, and am noodling around a few other ideas, including a sundress or a maybe a blouse in a larger size…


Breakfast: Pancakes with homemade syrup, yogurt, and juice

Lunch: Homemade macaroni and cheese with tuna, tomatoes, cantaloupe

Dinner Tortilla Soup (FF p. 175) with lots of garden veggies. Something else too, but apparently I am too tired to think of it.

This evening I made granola again. The ‘extras’ this time were coconut, cashews, and almonds, and it turned out wonderful. I also chopped up more pumpkin and am considering making Pumpkin Ravioli tomorrow if canning allows it.


  1. The skirts are so cute.
    This challenge is definitely keeping you busy this month.
    We have been doing ok on our little challenge down under, although like you, I have noticed our freezer is getting full and that we could be a little more pro active in using the items from there!

  2. beautiful girls, beautiful skirts! I love when people make something beautiful out of things that other people were gonna throw away.

  3. I love the skirts! Awesome! Your girls look beautiful in them.

  4. Those are beautiful skirts! Great job!

  5. Cute skirts Mary! Well done!

  6. The pumpkin ravioli is awesome, if you’ve never eaten it before, I highly recommend!

  7. Oh, Mary! Your girls are beautiful! The skirts look so nice on them – the light color highlights their georgous skin. I love the openwork lace too.

    Thanks for showing the results of this sewing project – I’m trying to use up some odds and ends and I think you’ve officially inspired me…:)

  8. Mary,
    Those skirts are SO adorable…nothing like what I had pictured…I may have to try that myself…
    If you need a pumpkin recipe, I have one that is TO DIE FOR…Pumpkin bread….but this isn’t your average healthy sounding bread…it is so tasty and deliciously moist…I will post it on my blog later today…I usually double the recipe and make 10 mini loaves…it does freeze well, but I do not usually have any left once my family sees that I have made it.
    Let me know how pumpkin Ravioli is.

  9. You’ve made me want both girls, and a sewing machine. Both are to die for!

  10. Super cute skirts!!!!

  11. Love the skirts! I can’t wait to see what else you make. My mom used to make all my dresses when I was little and then give the scraps to my grandmother who would make dress for my dolls. I still have a few that were very special put up in a box, along with that doll!

  12. The skirts are beautiful on beautiful models.

    Have you ever seen the dresses that you can make out of pillowcases? They are very cute.

    Jen’s mom

  13. Great skirts! I’m glad that you are feeling better! This challenge has been fantastic to help me clean out my deep freezers too! I actually defrosted and cleaned one out yesterday.

  14. Adorable skirts and daughters, what great recyling, when you said bedskirt skirts it was hard to imagine but the fabric is lovely.

  15. So cute! I am impressed. And your daughters are beautiful!

  16. Those skirts are too adorable! I LOVE being able to repurpose stuff and turn it into something far more fabulous! Such lucky little girls!

  17. Cute skirts!! You can adopt me next!! 🙂

  18. Amazing skirts!!! Love it!

  19. mary! those skirts are adorable.

  20. Those skirts are beautiful. Where did you get the pattern and the bed sheets?

  21. You are amazing. I just started following your blog, but I haven’t had much time to look around. I love, love, love those skirts. Wow! I wish I had that creativity. And your girls are beautiful.

  22. Well I caved and went to the store before Friday this week to get some fruit and other stuff, but I don’t think I’ll need to go tomorrow except for milk and coffee.
    Your girls are adorable, and the skirts so pretty 🙂

  23. Cute skirts! Cute girls. 🙂

  24. Sounds like a delicious menu. I loved the skirts that you made. They area adorable. That’s neat how you made them out of something else. My mother has done that with lots of things. If you can’t use it one way, find another way you can. I think that would make a lovely sundress. Very feminine.

    You’re girls are so cute. 🙂

    ~Miss Rachel