Day 3: a bushel of tomatoes

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Today was the best day of home-school so far this week. We’re getting a bit more used to getting up earlier. We’ve fine-tuned our school/chore charts so that they’re working reasonably well. And the kids are remembering a bit more of their math. Earlier this week I was seriously wondering if I would survive intensive review of fractions and decimals with four kids at once. Today it seemed that at least a bit if it is coming back, so I am hopeful. The reading seems smoother too– all good for mom’s sanity level. Even my 4 year old is sounding out easy words, bless her lil heart! Too fun!

We didn’t go anywhere today, which is always good for saving money. And for getting things done, come to think of it. I made an absolutely wonderful almond oat bread (3 big loaves, 2 mini), whose recipe I am hoping to share with you in the next day or two. Seriously yummy. We’ve already eaten one big loaf and both the little loaves– oh, the little girls had fun shaping those! Just writing about it is making me think longingly of the two untouched loaves on the back counter. No sense sticking them in the freezer– they’ll be gone 24 hours from now anyway, I’m betting. I also made a nice soup and a couple of lasagnas, one of which did make it to the freezer.


I have a bushel basket of tomatoes on the counter this evening, so I will definitely be canning tomatoes in the morning. The tomatoes slowed in their ripening a couple weeks ago when we had a cool week, but they are ripening at full speed now. Good thing: I only have about 40 quarts canned so far, and we need at least 120 to make it through the year without having to buy them. Am hoping that the laundry basket-o-tomatoes will net me another 20 quarts tomorrow. We’ll see.


Hashbrown Combo

Breakfast: Hash Brown Combo, orange juice, and cantaloupe. Yes, the combo is another recipe from my book. I’m afraid I’m getting irritating with the constant book mentions though. So how about this: if I mention a recipe that’s in the book, I’ll try to capitalize it and use the exact name that’s in the book– then if you have the book, you can easily find it. Seem fair?

Lunch: Tuna Cheddar Chowder, cucumbers, peanut butter cookies.

Dinner: Three Cheese Lasagna (with thin-sliced squash instead of cottage cheese), homemade almond oat bread, and grapes.



  1. This is a great series, one I’ve recommended a few friends read! Do you think that for those who can’t/don’t grow their own fruits and veg, it would take more than $75 a week? A friend asked me that after she read your menus/food lits and said she thought a good portion of your food was from your garden, she thought maybe it would take $100 a week for those that have to buy it all? As she didn’t have a blog she didn’t think she could comment so I said I would ask. Thanks Mary! Great series!

  2. I don’t mind you mentioning your book at all. I was looking at it at Amazon last night and saw that there are so many good sounding recipes in there. I would go out and buy it now, only my library ordered it for me so I’m waiting on it coming in there! I can’t wait to read it 🙂
    Off to grocery shop today, I’m eager to know how I do! Have a great Friday, and happy Labor Day Weekend to you all.

  3. Please mention the book as I have it and seeing a recipe mentioned will spark me to make it! I have so many pages folded over, its ridiculous! Your garden bounty is amazing – due to wet weather in the Northeast, my tomato plants did very poorly this year, plus I’m not a good gardener! Hoping to plant some lettuce for the late fall. I gave up my CSA this year, so have to hit the veggie stands this weekend to stock up. Thanks so much for this challenge – I am not setting a 75/100 goal, but already this week I have seen such a difference in my grocery habit (I only ran to the store once midweek and I only got the 4 items I absolutely needed!) and I’ve used items up in my freezer so I actually have some room in there – my husband is thrilled. I am truly recognizing how wasteful I’ve been – thanks for the wake up! for recipes not in your book, any chance you’ll post those?? 🙂

  4. The only one I get irritated with when you mention your book is me because I haven’t gotten it yet (-: …so mention away!
    Have you ever canned roasted bell peppers (orange, red, or yellow)? I love those on salads & quesadillas and was thinking that would be something good to can since one jar cost closet to $5 in the store. Of course I’ve never canned before (except jelly years ago w/grandma), so perhaps its not the easiest thing to start with.

  5. I wish I got a bushel of tomatoes, I never get tired of picking tomatoes. I am getting 20 or so at a time and have canned black bean salsa with one batch, whole tomatoes with another batch and pizza sauce with another batch. Unfortunately I seem to be coming to the end of our tomatoes, which means fall is here.

  6. to Ginger – had a how to for roasted peppers just recently- looked fairly simple (of course says I who have never canned)