Join the September $75 Grocery Challenge!

How much money can your family save at the store this month? I’m going to try to spend no more than $300, or $75 a week. You can set your own goal for your family. Click on the picture above to see the details. The idea is not really to have a competition, but simply to see how much money you can save this month, whatever your situation. Are you in? If so, grab the button, here.

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Then sign in by clicking on the green Mr. Linky, below, with a link to your website so that others can visit you. And during the month, update us at least once a week telling how the challenge is going for you.

And be sure to link to me in your post so that your readers can read more, or join in if they are interested!


  1. Why can’t I see the names on the Mr. Linky? Do I have to add my name to the list first? I didn’t want to do that yet as I won’t be posting til Friday!

  2. thanks for hosting!

  3. Denise,
    Just click on the green words that say Mr. Linky, and you will get to the list of those who have signed up so far.

  4. Were we to put our post link in Mr. Linky? I think I goofed and just put my blog addy. oops!

    here’s my post link:

  5. Were we to put our post link in Mr. Linky? I think I goofed and just put my blog addy. oops!

    here’s my post link:

  6. I just did the same thing, Laura. What if I just post about the challenge every time I do a new post this month? Will that work?

    My current post link is .

  7. Looking forward to this challenge. I’m aiming for $100 a week, since we go really heavy on produce and cannot garden well here. I’m not going to count diapers. Is that wrong? 😉

  8. Looking forward to it. We’re aiming for $50/week, feeding six people.

  9. I’m feeding 3, but I swear my husband eats as two. I say this to people, then they laugh, then they actually SEE him eat and wonder if I’m underestimating his appetite. 🙂 So we’re sticking to $75.00 a week but I’m adding in all our household stuff — paper towels, TP, soaps and etc. So my goal is no more than $300.00 this month on everything household related that we need. I just saw the produce sales coming this week and I. CANNOT. WAIT. Thanks for hosting this, Mary! I’ll put up a post about it on my blog tomorrow.

  10. Hi Mary – Thanks so much for the inspiration for this challenge. I also count my husband as 2 people because he is huge and commutes by bicycle to work so he needs a lot of food as fuel. I have a small baby so I also want to take diapers out of the amount since just yesterday I plunked down a cool $20. So I think Mary Eady and I are alike. I stocked up on pinto beans and rice on sale too. Hoping we can do it. Food is one area where I spend (and waste) too much. This should be fun!

    Btw, I also made your strawberry rhubarb jam and at first thought I had ruined it and made it WAY too sweet. But now that it has set up, tastes great and is just beautiful to looks at. Colors of summer indeed! I tought myself the fine art of home canning years ago and am glad to find another great recipe. Thanks again!

  11. Excited about Mister Linky to see how everyone’s doing!! Thanks for hosting that Mary!

  12. LOL anyone want to donate their “savings” to me so that I can have a whole entire $75 to spend every week on groceries? LOL just kidding. But I cannot imagine having that much money every WEEK for food and stuff.

  13. Okay, I’m not officially going to link, since I really have my doubts about being able to pull this off. In order to get my family of 4 (and one is a breastfeeding infant) fed 3 complete meals a day, I currently spend about $500/month. Maybe food is more expensive here in Seattle? I’m going to give this a shot, but with 4 relatives (including my father in law who easily eats for 2) in for the long weekend, I am not feeling too confident. Still, it should be a fun challenge.

  14. Oh yeah, and did I mention we live in a condo, so about as much as we can grow is a pot of basil. Oh, Mary…you make me want a farm.

  15. Mary,

    Your code is not working for the button.

  16. Mary,

    Your code is not working for the button.

  17. Ha! I love a challenge! I have 6 kids and we usually spend about $800-1000 a month. I do keep a pantry well stocked, so I will give it a go! I look forward to everyone’s ideas. I will include diapers and paper goods to keep it even more challenging. I will also attempt to keep my pantry from going all empty:-)

  18. Oh I’m so glad the code worked for you! Looks great! I was hoping when I sent it to you again it would work this time! 🙂

  19. I think I’m confused…are we supposed to post a link each time we write about the challenge? That’s what I just did but now I think I just have an extra link up there!

  20. I have been meaning to post, and to link to your blog all week! I just found your blog recently, and am looking forward to the challenge! Thanks!

  21. Just found you from life as mom, and I like this idea! If you can do it with 10 kids, I should be able to with only 4!!!

  22. Just signed up, but it will be very hard as our deep freezer was left open one day and we lost three shelves full of food!!!
    Here’s my first weeks plan, scan the site and you’ll see my first shopping trip total too!

  23. I’m at $100wk right now for our little family of 4 (including dogfood, diapers, etc).. so I’m going to take your challenge and aim for $75.

  24. Opps, I do not have a website, and linked my email and don’t know how to remove it from Mister Linky?
    Anyway purchased the book over the weekend so far all the recipes I have tried have all gotten rave reviews from my bunch, especially the rice cooker oatmeal. I never thought of using it for oatmeal, comes out yummy! Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas with us! 🙂 Ps Does anyone have any ideas for keeping cost down with a brand loyal Hubby?

  25. $75 a week?!! food is much more expensive in Canada…maybe close to twice the price?? for a while we were able to $125 a week but with all our food sensitivities/allergies and trying to buy organic as much as possible we are now between &250-$300 a week! (and I buy bulk and do most things from scratch…no packaged/pre made foods!) we just moved to an area where you can grow food in abundance outdoors…I was able to get most of our produce at the market for $40, which was a huge savings!
    I will join the “challenge” (Canadian addition) and see if we can do $150 a week….I need to learn to make my own yogurt and soy/rice milk!!

  26. Is the $75 budget workable for gluten, dairy and sugar free diets?


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