Happy 23rd anniversary to my dear hubby! Whether in times of joy or times of challenge, life is always better with you by my side.


  1. Best wishes on the anniversary of embarking on a great adventure! May Owlhaven ring with laughter and sweet memories today.

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!

  3. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 23rd last week–it is something to be proud of. I hope your next 23 brings you many blessings, and the 23 after that–even more.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy it! 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary! I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your website – it’s answering some of the questions I had after reading A SANE WOMAN’S GUIDE TO RAISING A LARGE FAMILY. I just reviewed your book on my book blog – check it out if you have a minute –

  6. Happy anniversary!

  7. Have a happy anniversary, and a very happy year to follow.


  8. Thanks Mare! I Love You Tons!

  9. happy anniversary to the lovers in the owlhaven!

  10. May you have many more blessed Anniversary’s!!