The story of a family

Amid the clattering of hundreds of Legos being cleaned up by half a dozen hands, my 11 year old son came over to where I was sitting. He put his hands on my knees, leaned down, and looked me in the eyes.

“It’s the story of a family,” he said wisely. “Mess. Clean up. Mess. Clean up.”

I agreed. He cheerily went back to finish cleaning.

And I was left thinking that concept might apply to more than just housecleaning.


  1. Deep.

  2. I love this more than I can even say. We had a clean up day at our house today, and I’m not talking about housekeeping. Yes, he’s absolutely right.

  3. Smart kid. It’s very true for what happens in life too…..

  4. Such perspective – and so needed in my week. Thanks!

  5. I love it when kids see stuff like this! Cute!!

  6. Wow. Just Wow. Just, really….wow.

  7. He described the overall story of the Old Testament quite well for one thing! Wonderful – just wonderful

  8. Sue from Buffalo says:

    Has your son been secretly in my house? 🙂 That’s the story of my life. LOL. Mess. Clean up.

  9. I was thinking along these same lines as I mopped the floor and calculated the hours until lunch when it would look like it needed to be mopped again.

    And also so true.

  10. Love it.

  11. Oh Mary, that is so true!!

  12. So true that is! I have missed reading your blog! I went back to work and by the time I get home and get dinner going and the kids bathed and the laundry started, I am ready for bed. I think I am finally settling into so sort of routine. And school starts in a week here so maybe that will help too!

  13. Out of the mouths of babes…..

  14. Wow. So true. So.very.true.

  15. So true! After the family news I heard tonight…so very, very true.

  16. Challenge.Move on..Challenges…Continue to move on
    Life is not fair but is good

  17. So sweet, so deep, so true, so simple!

  18. Isn’t that the truth?! Some days I wish the story would end at clean up.