Review: Kari Jobe CD

Last week my sister in law handed me a CD that she’s been enjoying and asked if I wanted to borrow it. The singer is Kari Jobe. After listening through once, I was immediately clicking over to amazon to buy myself a copy. The lyrics are amazing and her voice is just golden.


  1. I could sing/listen to revelation song

    Love her!

  2. Kari’s voice gives me chills, it’s so powerful!

  3. I have this cd, isn’t her voice amazing. I bought it for the Revelation song 🙂 I love it.

  4. Totally love her sweet voice, too. Healer and Joyfully are my favorite tracks. 🙂

  5. Was that who we were listening to yesterday? I noticed the music and was really enjoying it!

  6. Mary, PLEASE pass it along to someone else. It would delight my heart to share. Let’s see how far it goes. :o) Thanks.