Saturday afternoon hello

I’ve got all sorts of interesting posts planned in next week or so including:

  • a giveaway that will seriously knock your socks off
  • that post I promised you about why we homeschool
  • ideas for saving money at the store
  • a review of a new book that was hugely encouraging to me
  • a review of a CD by an artist that also blessed me greatly

But deep in Saturday, I don’t have time to do justice to any of it.   Saturday happenings around here include:

  • 8 AM-Dad dropped Second Daughter off with friends to go celebrate an out-of-town friend’s birthday
  • 10 AM-17, 15, and 13 year olds headed off to practice a drama presentation they’ll be presenting at this year’s VBS.
  • 10 AM- Mom finally gets up  – WHEN has that ever happened in recent memory?  Shocking.
  • 11 AM – Breakfast and fb chat with sis in Ethiopia
  • 11:30 AM –Dominoes and stories with 4 and 7 year olds.
  • 12 Noon- Put a turkey in a roaster to cook out in the garage all afternoon. 4 and 7 year old peeled 27 potatoes so that we can have mashed potatoes with turkey for dinner.
  • 12-3PM – Supervised laundry folding and bedroom cleaning.  Much heavy sighing about the inefficiency of children and bedroom cleaning.
  • 2-4 PM– Sewing:  shortened 1 pair of pants for my daughter and a skirt and a dress for myself.  (The dress and skirt were previously almost ankle length, now knee length–they look SOOO fresh and updated I can hardly believe it.  Also cut the hem crooked on a 3rd dress….afraid that fixing it will make it too ‘mini.’  Drat.   Ah well.)
  • 3 PM – Lunch, finally, then Hershey’s bars for kids who were victorious over bedrooms
  • 4 PM – Big kids arrived home from play practice
  • 5 PM– Pool time, with the lovely scent of turkey dinner wafting promisingly out from the garage….

Hope your Saturday is good too!


  1. For your crooked hem, if you make it *really* crooked, it might look like it was supposed to be that way with all the asymmetrical designs that are out there!

  2. I loved seeing a glimpse into your Saturday — thanks for sharing!

  3. Depending on the fabric, could you sew a band of coordinating or contrasting fabric around the hem? You could sew a small piece of that same fabric somewhere else on the dress to make it look intentional. ? Just a thought. :0) Something like this? or this:

  4. boysmum2 says:

    Sounds like a good day to me, I can smell the turkey cooking now…!

  5. I feel as though I’ve had an exhausting saturday just reading your list!
    It really does sound like a great family day. Sometimes the empty nest seems just a bit too empty.

  6. As I lay in bed for over an hour tonight with my newly arrived 3yo from China waiting for him to fall asleep, I thought of all the blog posts I wish I could write but don’t have time for. I can soooooo relate!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I’d love to see photos of the dress and skirt that you shortened! What a great idea!