Apricot Crazy

Here’s what the kids and I spent the morning doing–about 20 pints/halfpints of apricot jam, and about 8 quarts of apricot halves.Apricots

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  1. Oooh yum 🙂 are they your home grown fruit too? I just pickled our own cucumbers for the first time a couple of weeks ago! I’ve never tried jams.

  2. My poor garden has been hit hard by all the rain we’ve had in the Northeast! I’ll live vicariously through yours!! It looks wonderful!!

  3. Oh boy, that looks good! The picture alone makes me want to learn how to make jam. (Stopped by b/c I saw a comment from you on Amber’s post. Headed to take a look around now.)

  4. yum yum yumm yuummmmmy

  5. Mary, Have I mentioned how much I LOVE (please note the capital letters) Apricot jam and how much my hubby is going to be vexed because I now have to go buy a jar because I lack having an apricot tree handy? Love Love Love Apricots….I’m so jealous. = )

  6. We’ve done strawberry and raspberry so far this summer. Apricot is my favorite, and they are just coming into season here (WA). You have inspired me!

  7. WOW, you have all been busy bee’s

  8. Looks delicious! I am in the process of making pickles and have already put up strawberry and peach jam. I love canning season!

  9. a very rewarding sight!

  10. And did many hands make light work? Looks good! If you can’t get through it all you know where you can send it! 😉

  11. You’re apricots are beautiful compared to the green beans I’ve been canning all weekend.