Camp highlights

Discovery: A month that contains a week in Korea, a week of church camp planning, five days of church camp, and two days of wedding can leave a gal a mite tuckered out. So here are some of my best pictures from camp, standing alone to tell of the fun we had.

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  1. Is “My Lovely Cousin” Kate Gosselin? She’s cute, and sporting the hair, to be sure! 🙂

  2. I love all these pictures! It looks like it was a fun month, but an occasion for some extra coffee, I’m sure! And goodness how I love to see a daddy wearing his baby. My husband used to sling my son at the beach to give me a rest some days and it still does my heart in just thinking about it three years later.

    Mary, speaking of my husband, he is loving many of the recipes I’ve been trying out on him the last two weeks. Well done, lady! We’re loving all the info you have to share.

  3. Great pictures. I want to go fishing!

  4. Jeannie, That is my cousin Kara! She is so much fun!

  5. i’m sure you are tired! camp pics are terrific.


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