Back from camp

Five days at camp left us tired but full of fun memories.  More tomorrow, but I thought I’d leave you with a picture of the dough hook I used to make pizza dough for 80 people on Thursday.  15 lbs flour.  15 cups of water.  Yeah.  Never made that much pizza dough at once in my life.  Fun, fun!

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  1. That is one serious dough hook!

  2. Seeing that makes me long for when I worked in the cafeteria kitchen.
    The same tool can also be used to mix ingredients for meat loaf.

    Nothing quite like having great equipment to cook for crowds of people.

  3. I bet it was good!

  4. Now I call that cooking! WTG Mary – stepping right up to the task at hand . Not letting a few dozen more people daunt your skills – glad you are back and all had fun

  5. That is an amazing amount of pizza dough! You’re my hero!!

  6. I can safely say that I have ever seen a dough hook that big. So, how big was the mixer? 😉

  7. How cool is that dough hook!? That could take on a huge amount of dough, well, sounds like it already did.

    P.S. My son posted on his blog about his first baseball game in Seoul, amazingly, the same week you experienced it.

  8. I never fed 80 people anything at one time.


  9. Welcome to my world! 🙂 I help out in the camp kitchen when I can, cooking for 30 to 250 people at a time – we have a dough hook like this, too. 🙂

  10. i can’t wait to read about your camp fun this year!

  11. It’s been years since my Foodservice Equipment and Certification classes, but if memory holds on, I’m thinking the mixer bowl diameter is 26 inches and capacity 8 gallons.

  12. LOL I thought it was a trophy at first! 😉