Today instead of a post I…

…made pancakes for breakfast
…plowed through some church camp planning
…played Polly Pockets with my favorite 4 year old
…attempted to give wise counsel to my kids
…had lunch and visited with 4 of my sisters
…assisted with wedding favors for my sis who is getting married in ONE week
…enjoyed reading a blog-friend’s take on my book
…am planning to make bulgogi (Korean BBQ’d beef) for dinner. Recipe soon– if it turns out good, anyway!

Here’s hoping you had a good day too!!

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  1. Mary, you really know how to pack it all in.
    I’m always impressed.

  2. It sounds like a rich, fulfilling day! You are making wise investments.

  3. simone17 says:

    sounds great! worth taking a day off for. I really enjoyed reading your posts about Korea, lots of goosebumps! You are an amazing mummy!

  4. ha ha I like the way you posted about not posting !!!

    I dont know how you fit it all in, good to take a break every so often take care and enjoy

  5. I’m smiling… a day very well spent….
    and an excellent post to boot!

    All’s grace…..

  6. I’ve been so encouraged by your stories of God’s provision and the commitment you have to loving your children. I shared your site with some friends who are raising money for their own adoption:

  7. I found this site and thought you might enjoy the Korean recipes on it: Also, my mom told me that if you have particularly tough beef (for bulgogi), add some kiwi-fruit (juice or mashed fruit) to the beef just before cooking to tenderize the beef. Happy Korean cooking!

  8. Mary I found your site after getting my hands on a preview copy of Family Feasting. You’re so inspiring. I’ve been doing a study of the Proverbs 31 woman at Revive Our Hearts and you offer so many positive and practical ways to pursue God’s glory through building a home. It can be so overwhelming. As I started to read I found myself teary eyed because I’d been asking God for help with my weaknesses and there you were, addressing one of my big ones in a way I could manage. It’s barely been a whole week and I’m already stunned at how many things I’ve been able to implement. Sorry to post this on a random blog post of yours, but I wanted to tell you thanks and how excited I am about what you’re doing! — Mary (another one)