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  1. Wow, are we on the same page. Recently you posted what has become my favorite song. This is another absolute favorite, and I was just looking for it!

  2. Thank you for posting that! I’m a nurse, I worked today and actually managed to forget it was Sunday. Then I see what you posted, and ah… my favorite song. I could listen to it all evening!
    Also enjoying seeing how your trip to Korea went!

  3. Mary, you are such a wonderful encouragement… I love this song, and it moves my heart every time I hear it.

    Oh, and thannkyou for your response to my google inquiry! I meant to respond back to you and just tell you I appreciated you getting back to me, but with finishing school for the kiddos, I spaced it until this very minute.

    You are such a blessing to me, you can not know! 🙂

  4. I needed this song on continuous play today….!