Four days

We leave for Korea on Tuesday. That means I have exactly four days to pull everything together.
Major tasks:

–Packing, obviously. I have a large heap of stuff in the corner of my bedroom that I think would be easier to transport if I managed to get it into suitcases. Preferably zipped. Big job there. Especially because large portions of what I need to bring isn’t even on the pile yet because it still needs to be laundered. Yikes.

–Filling the freezer with easy food for the family staying home. At least 4 of the home-people can cook, so it probably isn’t truly necessary, but it does assuage my ‘mom’s leaving’ guilt to know that at least the foraging’s easy while I’m gone.

–Braiding little girls’ hair so they don’t look like ragamuffins while I am gone. (Never mind that they sometimes look like ragamuffins while I’m here.)

–Catching up on laundry. (I amuse myself with my grandiose schemes sometimes)

–Mapping out who’s in charge of what while I’m gone, so that the house doesn’t fall apart too badly. Probably this will involve a chart on the fridge.

— Planning my daughter’s birthday party. She turns 7 the day we get back. We’ll be doing her party a few days later.

–Writing notes to my kids and hubby to open while I am gone.

Also on my mind is planning the food for our annual church camp later in June. This will be the third year I’ve been (mostly) in charge of the food. 4 days, 80-ish people. Usually I stress over it, but this year I put helper sign-ups on the bulletin board at church, decided I’d use some of my 30 hours on airplanes to make up the grocery lists, and let it go. The worry might hit me after I get home, but for now I am NOT worrying.

Tomorrow I am hoping to share a bit more of our adoption story, and maybe some pictures. I am starting to be able to get some decent pictures with the manual settings on my camera, although I am still SLOOOOOOOW. Thankfully my victims subjects are mostly cooperative. I am hoping to get at least a few nice pictures in Korea. We are so excited to be going!

More stuff rumbling around here too–life is interesting! But it is bedtime and I still have bills to pay, so I must quit writing for now.

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  1. i can’t believe your trip is almost here. where did the time go? i remember you posting about it just the other day. have a great trip and i love it that you aren’t stressing over the camp food. xo

  2. Oh. Oh. Wow! I can’t wait to hear it all. God has indeed increased your capacity. That’s part of the blessing.

    Listen, even blurry and grainy pictures will tell us a little.

    You encourage my socks off.

  3. have a wonderful journey to seoul. may you and the boys be blessed. i know you’ll get a lot of great photos. take your point-and-shoot too, just word of advice 🙂

    love, jeannie

  4. Have a great trip. And I hope you get pictures of your trip to share.

  5. Have a great trip! I especially like the bit about writing notes to read while you are gone: my parents went to the US and Canada when we 7 kids were small, and we were farmed out to various friends and family. We each had a a little note and a teeny gift to open each day. I still remember this with immense fondness. Awww – mums of large families rock!

  6. I think I missed something, why are you going to Korea? Another adoption, Compassion,….??

  7. Oh, I feel so dumb! You are taking the boys to see their homeland and taste the flavor of their heritage! Now I remember. Have a wonderful trip and send lots of photos.

  8. have a great trip!