First homegrown berries this year

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  1. Beautiful!! I can’t wait until mine start producing…we have alot of flowers but no fruit yet. 🙂

  2. Mmmm. Ours are blooming profusely. Mid June is always berry sweet around here 🙂

  3. They look awesome! I planted strawberries this year, but no flowers. I miss my strawberries from our old house.

  4. De-lurking to let you know that I just read your book cover-to-cover. Loved it! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. We have just one daughter so far, but hope to have a large family in time and I was really encouraged by your book.

    Oh, and the berries look delicious. 🙂

  5. WOW – they look like ad advertisement in a gourmet magazine. Nothing in the world like fresh from the garden strawberries or tomatoes! YUMMM

  6. I should have quit salivating and proofread – should be like AN advertisement not ad — DUH –

  7. They look delicious!!

  8. Mary,
    Hi! I have not commented in some time…please tell me how you protect your strawberry plants. Do you cover them with nets? Ours are getting pecked by birds, but the patch only contains 8 plants and in a very visible area in the backyard. The kids like to scavenge for ripe berries daily, so I am reluctant to net it. Silly enough, I was considering putting up one of those halloween scare crows that we got from Walmart but wasn’t sure that would work either… do you have any suggestions?