When storytime turns unexpectedly into naptime, it’s good to have a comfy sister to sleep on.

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  1. multi-taskingmom says:

    Mary your girls are so beautiful! Big sis seems more than happy to provide a comfy nap place. Story time almost always turns into nap time for our youngest too.

  2. Heather Reu says:

    One of the best pictures I’ve seen in a while. Both your girls look so content!

  3. so sweet!!

  4. That is so cute!!!

  5. Awwwwwe, that’s too cute:-)

  6. What an adorable photo!! So precious, Mary. You are blessed.

  7. Your post today reminds me of the opening of your book, when the kids are laying around listening to your husband read & your little sweetie falls asleep in your arms.
    I got the book for Mother’s Day (I know, smart husband, hm?)…& that’s about as far as I have gotten, but I am SO looking forward to using your suggestions as a springboard for evaluating how our home is run & what we need to change.
    many thanks for writing what you live.

  8. Wow, what a beautiful smile she has!

  9. SO cute.

  10. Your girls have the most expressive faces – pretty with that little spark of “I can be feisty” .

  11. How cute!

  12. Is she really sleeping? Oh, my goodness, how adorable! 🙂

  13. Love your blog,and adoption is close to our heart