Tooth fairy

After an apparent tooth fairy…umm…malfunction last night, my sweet 6 year old decided that the reason the tooth fairy had not found her tooth was because the tooth had slipped under her doll. I gratefully agreed and told her to put the tooth in an easier-to-spot location. (Because under the pillow is so much more obvious that under the doll lying next to the pillow, ya know).

She happily set the tooth back in its proper place, then said, “You know what I hope, mom? I hope the tooth fairy doesn’t just dig in my piggy bank and get a dollar out and give it to me.”

“Oh, yeah, that would be bad, ” I agreed, suddenly thankful that this level of subterfuge had never occurred to me our tooth fairy, not even in her most desperate, quarter-scrounging moments.

“Yeah, I hope she doesn’t do that,” my daughter said. “Because then I’d just be getting the same dollar over and over again.”

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  1. sounds like she’s on to something there…

    my own daughter writes lengthy questionnaires for the tooth fairy. i am very impressed with my own disguised handwriting, really!

    how much do you give? My daughter was on a sleepover last year when she lost her first tooth. The mom, er, tooth fairy, there gave her TEN DOLLARS. Yikes. I never would have done that. I had to pay her back and then tamp down the future expectations. Greenwald tooth fairy gives $1.

  2. How cute, gives me ideas for when it all starts falling out around here

  3. The tooth fairy here is pretty generous, but she only has 2 customers – $5 and a small toy. This last time, she was caught unawares with only a $1 in her purse. My son came out and said, “The Tooth Fairy only gave me a dollar.” His face was so sad, but I assured him that $1 was a lot, and got him interested in the sticker bo0k she left him. Gotta stock up on fives and toys!

  4. LOL! We’ve had more than one tooth fairy malfunction around here. Thankfully, our children also understand that sometimes she just can’t find that cleverly hidden tooth and they put it in a much more obvious place the second night! It also helps that if the tooth fairy messes up, we leave a note for her on the refridgerator to remind her to visit us. The note REALLY helps. 🙂

  5. Heh. When I was little the coin the tooth fairy brought often could only be found by my mom. She explained that mothers are better at finding things (you know how moms say that something is in the drawer, and then you look and can’t find it, and then she comes and pulls it out?).

    It was always shinier than anything I had in my piggy bank. Apparently my dad spent quite a lot of time “buffing” it before slipping it under my pillow.

  6. We’ve all had this malfunction, but thankful I just explained that it was a truly windy evening and the tooth fairies sweet little wings were worried about landing. 🙂 It worked. 🙂

  7. Oh Mary! I am so glad you posted on this topic this morning. Before I sat down to read “the tooth fairy” ran to the “lost tooth” room and left a little something. Whew.

    And your 6yo is a hoot!

  8. That is funny!! The tooth fairy got lost on the way to our house once – I had to email her directions so she’d get it right the next night!

  9. Our tooth fairy here had a “malfunction” early in the tooth losing days of my eldest. My daughter confidently told me that the tooth fairy had not visited as her room was too untidy, and then started cleaning her room!

    Ever since, at the first sign of a wobble, she rushes to tidy – and who am I to contradict?!!!

  10. I was a little shocked lately when a friend mentioned that she frequently “recycles” the tooth fairy money. She thought it was hilarious, but that seems to me rather like stealing from your child. I was not particularly amused.

  11. That’s too funny! What a sweet girl =)

  12. Ha ha ha! Still chuckling!

    I still have an I.O.U. from the overworked toothfairy of my youth. Someday I just might redeem it for that 50 cents.

    Thanks for sharing this cute story.

  13. Good to know that I am not the only one who has flubbed the tooth fairy thing. I once had to explain why the tooth fairy had forgoten – TWO nights in a row. Yea, just a little tired.

  14. Wow, she’s really smart! So young, yet so aware of the importance of a growing piggy bank!

  15. One of the twins (6 year old free spirit) lost a tooth two days ago and not only left the tooth under the pillow (in a sandwich baggie) but also included a pair of dark green Mardi Gras beads (“because Momma, she might want a new necklace.”) and a blue Koosh doggie (I personally think she got tired of looking at it in the toy box and wanted to explore the regifting experience.

    Her twin sister (the DIVA princess) was heartbroken and said that the tooth fairy must HATE her because she only left the tooth a few weeks ago. (keep in mind this was the same little diva who told me the tooth fairy must hate her because she only left a dollar for her last tooth.)

    I’m never going to get rid of that darn Koosh dog now that she gave it to the tooth fairy.

    Then she woke up at 3 am to look under the pillow and was devestated that the tooth fairy had not left anything. She took the tooth but didn’t leave anything. I explained to her that I didn’t think the tooth fairy would do that (especially since I’m fairly certain the tooth fairy possessed my body just before I went to bed that night and placed the dollar under the pillow.) and that we just needed to look around the headboard.

    We found the dollar and diaster was averted. Till the next tooth comes out.

  16. Our tooth fairy was cash poor back when our girl lost her first tooth. I think that fairy dug deep for a pile of change and left…$2.47. When that girl wondered why the tooth fairy would leave such a strange amount, we explained that the tooth fairy must’ve known that the girl had been practicing counting money in school. To this day, some 7 years later, both children know that they will get some varying amount of change piled up. It has been as little as $1.87 and as much as $4.72. I think it is part of the fun it for them as they rush to count it.
    Your little one is so funny, to think the tooth fairy would give her her own money!

  17. We write a note to the tooth fairy asking to keep the tooth. Something that was started by my niece and we happened to be there when we lost the first tooth. SO, tooth and note go into ziploc bag. Note comes out, money goes in with tooth. She has a special box that all the teeth go in that is in my jewelry box.

  18. such a cute picture. I hope she has lots of teeth for corn on the cob season!

  19. teehee..they get smarter than us to quickly! our tooth fairy’s (mmhmm) biggest kerfuffle was forgetting altogether..I had to CALL her on the which she explained she had had a very busy night and would be by shortly..phew!

  20. My sister called me at work today and said my 6 yo lost his first tooth, but then he actually lost it in the grass. She called to give me time to think about how to handle that one. Any ideas?