Ethiopia Missionary Fundraiser Update

I have been peeking at Sophie’s email account all morning so that I could give you a status update on the fundraiser.  The answer has always been the same: $0.  $0.  $0.

I know that providing for Sophie is up to God, not me, but still I confess to feeling doleful.  It’s the economy, I consoled myself.   Or too soon after tax day.  Or maybe I am being brash and obnoxious and rude to even to ask people to give a family member a hand.

Then I got an email from someone who has tried several times to make a donation this morning, but paypal has not let her.  Suddenly I felt better.  And worse.  Better because that means there ARE people willing and able to help Sophie out.   And worse because paypal is malfunctioning and causing people hassles, drat it anyway.

I am sending an email to paypal asking for troubleshooting help.  But as I try to figure out what is going on, if you also happened to be unable to send the money to my sister’s account  why don’t you try sending it to my paypal account   and I will forward it on to her.  Also, will you drop me an email?  That will help me figure out if this is an isolated issue or not.

Let me also mention: I totally get that there are people out there who really can’t afford to help.   No worries. Only give if you are led to give and it is not a hardship to you.  God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.   He may not intend for you to be a part of the plan for Sophie’s work, but I am certain He has a plan.   And I look forward to seeing it unfold.

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  1. Nice article – I really liked it.

  2. I understand the frustration. My daughter is doing a walk for autism, and trying to raise funds. She has a special needs son who attends a school for autism. (He has other issues as well.)

    I do think the economy is hurting many, though. We have not been untouched. I’m currently looking for work, as our income has been drastically reduced.

    And my daughter said the same thing as you, in dealing with all of the issues involved. It is God who supplies, so there is no reason for her to stress over it.

  3. I was able to get in there and send our contribution to Sophie’s account Hopefully everything is up and runnig for everyone!