Thanks! — and more about Ethiopia

I wanted to thank those of you who reviewed my book at amazon. I really appreciate your voice and the time it took to share your thoughts with others.

And on a more important note, please go read this post written by a doctor working in the same area of Ethiopia where my sister Sophie is planning to work for two years.

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  1. I will post an Amazon review when I finish the book, but I wanted to touch base with you and tell you that I am savoring the book and trying not to rush through it. I love your writing style. I love the fact that you not only included practical advice, but also share your heart like the Thanksgiving thoughts of feeling rich and later when your arms feel empty.

    Lastnight I had my monthly girls’ night with three of my dearest friends and sisters in Christ. Our families respectively have four, five, seven, and eight children so I spent some time reading snippets from your book to them and promised to pass it on when I am finished.

    Most of all, I have to tell you how true the “don’t nag” and “pray for unity” advice is. We are on the fence about adding to our family and my silence and prayer has suddenly made my husband come out of his shell and initiate the discussion with me. I felt like the entire first chapter was just for me.

    I have just a few chapters left and I’m enjoying every page. Well done.

  2. Mary – Just added my own review. I LOVE your book. Took it with me on my “sanity night” last night and read the first 3 chapters while I munched on a salad. Your words and heart so resonate with me. Your words come to life and I can just imagine in my mind the stories you share. You are a very gifted writer, wife & mother. I wish you lived closer so I could give you a thank you hug for ministering to my heart! I’ve already recommended you book to my adoption friends. So many children will find homes BECAUSE of your book. How awesome is that?!? God is SO good. Sweet blessings, Amy in OR

  3. Sarah Deem says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I read your book recently on a trip to Georgia. I was watching my husband graduate Army Basic Training. It was an emotional trip to leave him there to go on to OCS. One highlight was your book! I spent a good portion of my time there, huddled in the hotel by myself, very far away from home…reading away. It was so refreshing. I could relate to so much, and also got some great ideas on child-rearing. I really love your compassionate, fun, and adventurous view of parenting.


    I’m Karen D.’s daughter from way back when you were delivering little bundles of joy 😉

    We have 4 bio kids, and are currently adopting from Ethiopia. So, I have had A LOT of fun learning about what’s happened in your life during the past 10 years. Blessings~