Travels in India

I love these scenes from Journey Mama’s travels through India with her young children.

Speaking of India, a group of Compassion International bloggers is heading there at the end of May to see the work that Compassion International does there. Check out the above link to find out more about their trip.

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  1. One of our pastors just returned from a mission in India. He’s been ALL over the world, but said that the Indian people are by the most gracious and faith-filled people. He said he has never before questioned his own faith as he did after his experience there (meaning that he saw something they had that he desperately wanted.) Can’t wait to follow your links…BUT, I did want to tell you that I bought a copy of your book tonight and CAN’T WAIT to read it! 🙂 Sweet blessings, Amy in OR

  2. Thanks for the linky love, Mary. I just applied to be a Compassion blogger- I would love to do it, and I’m just a train ride away!

  3. At the end of April! April 26-May 2 we’ll be in Kolkata, India. Thanks for the linkage, Mary and for all you do for Compassion International.