In case you’re wondering about my paint

After days of paint-angst, during which I trialed no fewer than 7 shades of paint, I finally picked my color– a pale yellow called ‘Chanterelle’ which I found in the Wal-Mart paint collection.  My wonderful brother in law painted the whole great room/kitchen while we were on vacation, in exchange for my husband’s assistance on a future project of his.  Here are a few pictures.  The 3 pictures that show the various portions of the room are pretty accurate, color-wise.

The picture that looks the brightest yellow isn’t the true color.  I just included it to show how we redid our plant shelf.  Before painting I had a wild tangle of live philodendron-type plants that were a beast to water.  I decided to get rid of them, and instead used some silk plants that I bought to help decorate for my daughter’s wedding reception.  My husband strung rope light in behind the plants to accent them.

The spiky things in the floral vase are actually trimmings from some poplar trees, spray-painted silver.  And the ferny plant in the basket was actually a rather forlorn-looking silk tree earlier today.  I cut the best-looking branches off, discared the main trunk, and stuck the good bits into a basket.   It makes a perfectly lovely looking ‘potted’ plant.  My mother gave me the vase a few years ago, but other than that, the entire shelf full of decor was around $30, and came mostly from thrift stores.  A very fun makeover.


  1. Oh, I love the yellow, Mary! It is so cheerful!

  2. Hi Mary, sorry for posting here couldnt find another way to contact you !
    I have just finished your book (sane woman) and it is fantastic and such an inspiration, I am in Liverpool – UK and the mindset over here is so different if you Decide to be a housewife/homemaker, you can either not get a job or only have the kids to get benefit money which is so untrue, it is such a shame that we cannot get the support that we deserve for the hardest job of all. I am actually in the process of starting up a support/tips website for those who do choose to stay at home. we have 3 children and step son who visits every 2 wks and get by on my husbands postman wage (not an awful lot) we often have to muddle through from one day to the next, we havent had a holiday since our honeymoon 7ys ago (in which 1 daughter and step son came along – v romantic !!) everyday we both go to bed exhausted – but do you know we wouldnt have it any other way – my family make me so proud, just felt I needed to contact you and let you know how the book touched me Ill go now !! – thank you once again x

  3. Periodically send a child p with a blow dryer – fastest way to dust silk plants!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. Looks great and looks similar to the “Opal Creme” by Behr that I used for the top half of our nursery and top half of our dining room. We’re very happy with it and get compliments all the time…

  6. Looks great! I love pale yellow, we just had our bedroom repainted pale yellow. Pale yellow just says comfy and cozy, I love it!

  7. Just beautiful! I think it was worth trying so many yellows.

  8. Wow, it all looks great!

  9. Beautiful!!! Looks awesome!

  10. Wow, it really turned out nice, Mary! [:-)
    Love, Rachel

  11. I love the picture with the pantry opened and the canning jars lined up. Wow.

  12. I love the yellow – it looks very similar to the yellow in my house. We used Friendly Yellow from Sherwin Williams.

  13. Beautiful yellow, love it. So warm and comforting

  14. Beautiful colors, and love the whole makeover! What fun!

  15. I like it–very cheerful!