A Sane Woman’s Guide: one more giveaway

Just to prove that perfectly moderately sane women sometimes go a little insane, I submit today’s to-do list– the part that actually got completed (with major help from kids).

–Went to the bank, post office and Home Depot with 5 kids. Returned one item and picked up 15 other items that were all in different corners of the store, many of which required color/style selection, much to the dismay of the bored children (who all had BEGGED to come along, I might add in my defense).

–Fixed two broken closet door latches, and sternly warned children to treat the new hardware more gently.

–Installed a new rod for our shower. Was shocked at how smoothly it slides compared to our old one.

–Supervised an 11 year old as he fertilized the lawn (It would have been easier to do myself, but he knows how to do it now!)

–Primed a double-car garage. We’ve lived here since 1993 and finally decided to paint it– my husband was thrilled to come home and discover this had been done, mostly by our 14 and 17 year old sons.

–Threw out 6 ancient dust-covered houseplants — with only a small pang of regret. It will be soo nice not to have to water plants on that high shelf any more.

–Rinsed out and bleached several hundred plastic seed starter packets. This job was done by my 11 and 13 year old daughters, once I got them set up. Hubby was equally thrilled to see this done, since it is TIME to start our tomato plants!

–I’ve got lots more to do tomorrow– spring fever seems to have bitten my to-do list. However after a week and a day of spring break, I think we’d better also get some math and reading done tomorrow.

How about you? What’s on your to-do list? Anyone who shares an item or two in comments below will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a copy of my book A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family. I’ll be selecting a random winner on Friday morning!


  1. Hmmmm….to do lists….

    1. Clean up the winter coats/gloves and boots and decide what is staying and what is going for GW
    2. Review science with my daughter before her class time.

    The list is long, but the will is still strong ;)!

  2. WOW! What a list! Let’s see I cleaned and organized our pantry today. On the agenda for the rest of the weeke is to raid closets and those hidden places for yard sale items and ge them priced for the weekend semi-annual sale.


  3. Lets see…..
    I need to clean the living room windows, wash the dog beds, vacuum the floors, go register son for soccer, go register son for summer hockey, buy new cleats AND hockey skates (growth spurt), shred bills, go pay property taxes………

    Drink my coffee!

  4. Today my list includes taking my son to school for a trip to a cave 3 hours away, about 4 loads of laundry,stack of dishes, 3 meals and a shower.. lol

  5. I’m struggling with paint color for the bathroom that we’re going to have redone in two weeks. I also need to pick out grout color, order the light fixture and buy a curtain rod.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your garden.

  6. Pack for Hawaii, and get my husband ready for a week alone with my 16 month old…heh

  7. I’ve got to apply for at least two jobs today. Yes.

  8. How’s this for a to-do list item? I need to go to Lowes and convince them to sell me the metal part of the fridge shelf I broke last summer. No, I *have* the glass part, I just need the metal part. Yes, I do need help installing it.

    I’m going to be one of those crazy people featured at notalwaysright.com , I can feel it.

  9. I need to shop for Chinese dresses for my girls’ birthday portraits. Of all the ones I bought in China, the colors of the 3 that currently fit them will look terrible together in a portrait! Clean 2 bathrooms, clean out refrigerator, make various pediatrician & ophthamologist appointments, call my cousin…

  10. ugh- our to do list has just grown by leaps and bounds and the date which we need everything done is a month earlier- we are moving from FL to NV and so I have to:
    1)paint paint paint
    2) weed garden
    3)lay mulch
    4)organize storage unit and attic items
    5)go through closets and put seasonal items together
    6)organize playroom and discard broken toys
    7) get kids school records
    8) get everyones medical records
    9)find a new school
    10) find a new house
    and a ton more….but this is all I can handle today!!!

  11. I need to call the utilities to have them let us know where the lines are in the yard so DH can dig for our garden without electrocuting himself.

  12. Start tomato plants. Wash windows. Clean bedroom closet.

  13. finish sorting through kids clothes, and cut the amount in about half…LOL put away winter clothes, sew some spring dresses, go walking, plant veggies, school kids, clean kitchen etc,….but as to whether the above will all get done?

  14. I’m feeling very overwhelmed by my to do list lately! The biggest thing I need to do is tackle the boys bedroom…do they know what “clean” even means? ;o) I want to buy 3 new wardrobes to replace the dressers for their room and set them up so they have more space to hang clothes instead of their dinky closet and I think it’ll give them more space too for their other clothes. Been going to do this for months and I’m going to try to finally get it done this week! ~~Pam

  15. Two things on my list are: 1. take cans to the recycling center and 2. go to the airport to welcome home a soldier.

  16. 1. Grocery shop

    2. Wait by the phone for the call that says we can….

    3. Pack for our trip to Ethiopia to pick up our new baby girl!!!!!

    4. Freak out and jump up and down yelling WOOHOO!

  17. Most of my agenda today is taking care of a 9-month olde (mine) and a 3-month old (a friend’s). Besides that, dishes, dinner, and a women’s meeting tonight.

  18. I have company coming this week, so my to-do list revolves around a lot of cleaning. LOL

    *clean 2 bathrooms
    *supervise children’s chores
    *clean wood floors
    *buy new Master Bedroom comforter
    *research private schools in our area

    And that’s just a bit of it…yikes…must log off and get started! LOL

  19. My list is sooo long (we are nesting for two more kiddos from Ethiopia).

    1. Complete remodeling of boy’s room in basement.
    2. Make boxes and find supplies for Square Foot Gardening project.
    3. Spring cleaning of entire house, including windows.

    Better get busy!

  20. My to-do list:

    1. Move a kitchen table into my dad’s new apartment. He’s moving here and I’m trying to organize his space before he arrives later this afternoon. My dad is ill with bone cancer and my siblings and I have decided to move him close to me so I can keep an eye on him.

    2. I also have to be at said apartment for a bedroom set that is arriving from a consignment store.

    3. Go over unleavened bread recipes with a friend from Church. She’s new to our church and these will be her first spring holy days.

    4. Do a little grocery shopping for both my household and my dad’s household.

    5. Pick up daughters from school and take them to music lessons.

    6. Take oldest daughter to Girls On The Run. She loves it! It’s a great program. I highly recommend it.

    7. Check on my Dad’s arrival. Uncle is driving him here. Make sure they are all fed.

    8. Meet my husband so we can go to the band performance of another little boy who attends church services with us. He’s a fabulous trumpet player.

    9. Supervise girls homework.

    10. And finally … CRASH.

  21. Amanda H says:

    It is time to put the winter clothes away and organize the closets.

  22. Lots of things on the to-do list this time of year. I am planning my garden, spring cleaning, sorting clothes to donate, installing a clothes line in the back yard and picking up a new crib since our son’s was recalled.

  23. crazyeights says:

    * sort through generously donated clothes
    * laundry
    * editing work
    * clean up after small group
    * find my various lists so that I can remember what else I need to do!

    Thanks for your blog!!

  24. Jennifer says:

    I finished one full notebook page list on Friday, and another materialised over the weekend. We “just” moved (okay, it’s been 4 weeks now) from LA to Houston and I STILL haven’t done 90% of our address changes – isn’t that what mail forwarding is for? So, that’s my major item – get our mail and magazines forwarded with the correct address.

    And perhaps more importantly, switch our bank account out of CA to TX, as for some reason Bank of America has different standards in CA and it’s making everything very difficult.

  25. This is amazing! I love how helpful your kids are around the house. My 10-month-old “helped” me put groceries away yesterday and unload the dishwasher. Hmm, spring cleaning–I guess I should think about starting that…this week I already did the grocery shopping, but I need to get the oil changed, start editing a manual, and start my daughter’s baby book.

  26. I love that you give the kids opportunities to learn new things (even if it would have been quicker to do it yourself). You also seem like a good cook, do you have any quick recipes for baklava? My to-do list has to do with finally decorating the house that we moved into a year ago. My 3 girls need their rooms painted and furniture updated. And the rest of the house needs some serious color. That should keep me busy for a few months.

    Great blog, I enjoy reading it…actually I have been lurking for some time. 🙂

  27. ~ Go get the oil changed (8, 5 and 3 year olds will come along)
    ~ Do school with the kids
    ~ Shop with 16 year old for her 3rd mission trip to Brazil (3 little ones come along for that, too)
    ~ Pack for said mission trip
    ~ Plan my lesson for the 4 year old class I teach on Wednesday nights


  28. I need to plan our garden, finish our taxes, “close-out” March’s budget and set up April’s budget, make craft samples for our VBS clinic in three weeks, clip Sunday’s coupons, plan this week’s meals , make my grocery list and go through the kids’ clothes to make a shopping list for the thrift store. Feeling a little overwhelmed.

  29. I’m going to check cattle since the wind is NOT going to blow 50mph today (or so the weather man says). My children are going to help me with dusting/vacuuming/mopping, pick up a box of hand-me-downs from a friend (who has stuff for not only my daughters but ME as well!), make some banana bread, and gather the one child that got to stay at Grammie’s house all by himself.

  30. Shannon O says:

    1) Bake bread
    2) Defrost pork chops
    3) Nurse baby nurse baby nurse baby
    4) Stop 23 mo. old from poking said baby in the eye
    5) Work on a little bit of “school” for almost 4 yr old
    ….and keep house clean for house showings so we can sell this house!

  31. Can I borrow your boys to come and paint my garage door?

  32. prepare for weekend garage sale
    homeschool coop
    finish sewing two pairs of shorts
    cut out 6 headbands
    go for a walk and enjoy the weather 😉

  33. Oh, my, I hope I win! 🙂

    Let’s see – these are written in my day planner:
    1. purchase goodies for end of the “term” parties for our homeschool co-op
    2. take #1 son to drama practice and back
    3. unpack from my 6 weeks in Africa (bringing home #4)
    4. finish my half-written thank you notes from baby shower (and mail
    5. call homestudy agency for post-placement service scheduling
    6. start transitioning baby to her crib (rather than the bassient by our bed – she’s been sleeping with us for almost 8 weeks!)
    7. call peditrician and schedule time to come in and get #4’s TB test read

  34. well I posted a giveaway of my own after not having a chance to for a week. Also on my list today is washing the dishes that I *didn’t* wash last night + today’s and as usual laundry. 🙂

  35. I work part time as an accountant. I don’t do taxes, but I do payroll and bookkeeping. We have to file payroll taxes every quarter for our clients. So starting tomorrow, I have quarterly taxes to do for 68 companies! I am going to be busy!

  36. Painting, Painting, Painting. Our adopted kids moved in a year ago and we painted most of the rooms in our house before their move, however we still have the boys’ room, the kitchen and both bathrooms to finish. We did manage to get the schoolroom painted this year, but the room is an unfinished hardwood floor, waiting for us to decide whether to finish the 100 year old floor or just lay down some carpet remnants. I’d love to have the re-do of the house completed, and I know the boys would love to have their room finally finished!

  37. Impressive list of accomplishments today. My list includes scraping, priming and painting the bathroom, replacing the shower curtain and bath mat, and getting some estimates on a few household projects I can’t tackle on my own.

  38. We live in PA so I have a few weeks before we plant outside, but I need to order the seeds!

  39. First on my list is updating my to do list! When my list gets overwhelming, I like to create a “ta da” list too, of things I have accomplished for the day.

  40. As I write this, my husband and father–in-law are at home painting our kitchen, dining room, living room, and two hallways. My to do list is to put everything back in its original place and try to remember where I hid everything. Having to clear off the kitchen counters were a great way to motivate me to clean out some of the junk in the house.

  41. I really need to sort through winter/summer clothes and clothes that don’t fit. etc. And I need to make a menu for the week or two and go shopping.

  42. Our to do list includes getting our tomato plants started, too! We also need to: fix a leaky toilet (so I don’t have to do it manually every stinkin’ flush,) and I must tidy up for a cub scout meeting here this evening. I can’t wait to read your book-I KNOW that there’s lots of tips in there for those of us with smaller families, too. Thanks, Mary!

  43. I’m home alone with our 2 1/2-year-old this week and 8 months pregnant to boot, but here’s my agenda:
    1. Make 3 dozen homemade cinnamon rolls and at least 2 batches of cookies.
    2. Paint and hang a shelf in toddler’s newly redecorated room.
    3. Sort through maternity clothes to give to my sister.
    4. Sort through toddler’s winter clothes and inventory summer wardrobe.
    5. Put stickers & captions in 2 photo albums.
    6. Review March budget numbers and plan for April.
    7. Call carpet cleaners.
    8. Post end-of-the-month blog entries.
    9. Make sure toddler doesn’t destroy anything too important.
    10. Take a nap! :o)

  44. 1) grocery shopping with the little mister (check!)
    2) go for a walk to get little mister out of the house
    3) organize our recipts for our event planning ministry
    4) hopefully take a nap!

  45. clean bathrooms and put away all the extra laundry my kids created being sick.

  46. mercy – what a day you had! well, REST after my marathon shopping yesterday, create a transportable supper for baseball tonight, school the kids, clean the house, tackle the horrendous pile of laundry, change a few diapers, get kids dressed, ummm … take a shower would probably be good, too…

  47. Awesome, peeps– your to-do lists are soooo interesting!! Keep them coming!!!

  48. I need to fold laundry, put a wax on our table, do school with the boys, and hold a little one that is not feeling good…

  49. I still have so many things from ‘yesterday’s’ to-do list I didn’t get to yet: charge camera for 1st soccer practice (which is today – too late), download pix for cousin, move software & data to new laptop, get haircut… and it goes on, and on… Good luck completing your list!

  50. – clean out kid’s drawers, and put away too-little clothes to make room for summer things

    – cuddle still-sick baby

    – scale Mt. Laundry