Saturday chores gone wild

Here’s what happened Saturday when I asked my big boys to tear down an old playhouse. Also featured in the film are my two little girls and Beth (my son-in-law’s sister). Cameos by various other family members, including yours truly.

Extreme Makeover: Playhouse Edition from Saitek Maddix on Vimeo.


  1. Looks like a lot of family fun was had by all. Great movie, will watch out for them on the big screen soon!

  2. This is too funny. I love your kids sense of humor. Everyone involved had a grand time.

  3. this is hysterical! what a great idea! I think they should send it in to the actual show- they’d get a kick out of it!!!!!! I love how they make a chore into something exciting for everyone!!!!

  4. Too funny! Loved the chair from Sears…that was bought 20 years ago. Bravo to the cast and crew!

  5. So funny! Glad everyone seems to have fun. What a great job to everyone who helped on this project. What memories to share in the future.

  6. Um. Ok. Your boys are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  7. Nicki,

    Funny thing– that chair was actually rescued from a neighbor’s trash pile by my husband…. 20 years ago.


  8. My children and I just finished laughing our way through this video! What a hoot!

    I think you’ve inspired my eldest 🙂 LOL


  9. Love it! I especially love your daughter’s deadpan “Hip hip hooray”

  10. Great idea! Love the “sanding” job and the “special place” for the Mrs. to be alone cuz “it’s so horrible nobody wants to be there”! LOL
    Worth watching to the end! Great job guys!

  11. Very creative children!!! Great job, mom!!!

  12. That was hilarious. All my kids came near to watch this and laughed their heads off!

  13. “Wow, you’re house really is a dump!” LOL!!!!!!

  14. I love “The Hollindaise Children – abducted homeschoolers” Very nice.

  15. Those poor, shy, unsocialized homeschoolers…. 🙂 Thanks for the laughs!

  16. This is what happens when you watch one too many episodes of Extreme Makeover, isn’t it? What fun they had! My kids will love it when I show them tomorrow. My kids often head to bed upstairs after watching an episode, gleefully acting out the part where the family shows Ty around the house, pointing out all of the ways in which the house is falling apart and deficient. They brutally, woefully point out every crack and flaw in our house, and tell me about the fantastical rooms they would like instead. (Kind of ironic, because we started watching it hoping that they would gain an appreciation for the struggles of others!) I realized at one point that the show was having quite an influence on my pre-schooler’s view of how one goes about getting a house. She wanted to know when they would be knocking down our house and building something fabulous and new in an hour or so =).

    Thanks for sharing your kids’ fun with us.

  17. Fun.ny! My kids enjoyed it tremendously and thought your son really nailed Ty! We, too, think you should send it in to the show. We think they would get a real kick out of it.

  18. I just stumbled upon your blog while doing a search on injera recipe’s and my son (8 years old) and just finished watching your kids video and literally cackling his way through it! Too funny :o)

    Thanks for the laughs, you have some incredibly creative kiddos!

  19. My kids loved this so much! They still quote from it even though we watched it 10 days ago. Love their creativity!