Linky Love

Thought provoking posts I found recently:

Why my life is better since becoming open to life

Home government: what is it?


  1. Thank you for those links – I especially enjoy reading Conversion Diary – she loves her life with the kind of passion I envy. Being without children myself – I used to comfort my selfish heart with how much trouble kids were – until I opened my heart more and realized how wonderful that trouble must be. So now we are pouring ourselves into the lives of our friends – trusting the Lord to use that since I was not able to birth a family. The Home Gov’t. – just such wonderful common sense (the most uncommon of qualities in the 21st century)

  2. Thanks for sharing those links – I love the second article, and the Vaughnshire website- lots of great articles! I’m planning to spend several hours reading articles on there over the next few days!

  3. Its encouraging to read that there are others who not only find that God’s ways make sense, but bring joy, when life is lived in love with Him.

  4. Thank you for those! LOVE the Conversion Diary post!