Bathroom updates

Go to my hubby’s blog for bathroom remodel pictures. Tile is scheduled to be installed on Monday, and we should have a fully functioning bathroom by the end of the day on Wednesday!


  1. It looks Lovely – I’d be in there all the time. Of course My 4 year old would join me, but I’d still love it!
    Heather BT

  2. Looking very much like a bathtub! not much longer now and you’ll be able to soak, relaxing in bubbles with candles burning and soft music – Or not – but at least your bathroom will be yours once again and no workment coming in and out

  3. The bath looks like it will be well used. At least things are coming along. can’t wait to see the finished result

  4. We have an enormous tub. It’s really too big. I can’t relax in there without straining to keep myself above water. But I love it. Still, one a bit smaller, like yours, would be just perfect. However, I’m happy to have to have it. Your new bath is going to be awesome. How lucky you are to have a carpenter for a husband. The grab bar was a good addition. One day you may really need it, too.