So great is her confidence in her swim instructor

This evening the 6 year old was talking to me about the swim test she’ll be taking at the conclusion of her swimming lessons later this week.

“Where do you think we’ll have to do the swim test?” she asked me with some concern in her voice.

“Oh, probably in the same pool where you’ve been practicing,” I said.

“Good!” she said, obviously relieved.  “Because if they put us in the lap pool, our whole class will drown.”


  1. I’m lol-ing!

  2. oh that is just too cute! my neice got barred from the local pool age 2 because already being able to swim did not see the point in arm bands or life belts, safe to say that was the end of little ducks for our family!

  3. I absolutely love the direct, unintentional humor of children! And I so needed a laugh like that this morning!

  4. That is great! Gave me a good chuckle. Such a practical little person.


  5. That would certainly be bad for business!

  6. How cute! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today.


  7. 😀 Funny!! Love her!

  8. The logical thinking of a young one. So simple and so beautiful.

  9. The logical thinking of a young one. So simple and so beautiful

  10. The logically thinking of the young. So simple and so beautiful

  11. Hilarious.

  12. Too cute! Gave me a good chuckle!!!

  13. Kids like to tell it like it is, I suppose!