Back in 1986 when my idea of romance was this:

Romance, 1986

I wouldn’t have understood the tremendous value of romance that looks like this:

Romance, 2009

Live and learn.

Life is good.

And so is my man.


  1. lol. love that!

  2. I have a similarly romantic relationship – in our household this week it was “thanks for shooting the possum” – trying to ready our chicken coop and don’t want marauders in the yard – DH is good to me!

  3. Too true – love it!

  4. That’s what romance looks like here, too! And I’m sure in 1986 I wouldn’t have realized how sweet this kind of love is. 🙂

  5. Ahhh! So true! It’s the Big Things at first…then it becomes a lot of Little Things. A LOT!

  6. I treasure that second example so much in my marriage – that’s what makes marriages work!

  7. vickie crouch says:

    Thanks for sharing, great way to start the day reading this blog 🙂
    Too many people settle for less, this is a great example of what can be. Bravo!

  8. That is what having years together is for, for making you learn new things about romance.
    Simple but very effective.

  9. I love little notes like this!

  10. That is so true. I love to get little notes!

  11. Isn’t it amazing? I’d say you two have figured out each other’s love language!

  12. This is so true…My whole day lightens up when I get a text message from Hubby saying “I love you have a good day.”

    Don’t get me wrong, flowers and diamonds are always acceptable lol, but these are the moments that make like sweet.

  13. LOL, it’s so true, though.

  14. So true. I’m going to need to leave one in a day or two that says thanks for fixing the wax ring on the toilet. =)

  15. This post makes me think of Dr. Laura’s book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage”. Thanks for that. It shows that others think the same way!

  16. 1986 was a great year. and yes…romance gets much more enjoyed at the smaller everyday events…like bringing a cup of coffee…or fixing the tp holder.
    and here i am…24 years married…2 kids raised and in college..and a grandson i adore with every cell of my being…………lookin to adopt? thank you for your encouraging blog and writing.