Home values going down too much?

Here’s an interesting perspective:
The Housing Chart That’s Worth 1000 Words.

Hat tip: Tim Challies


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  1. Thanks for the link. I hate to think that my $100 is going to help someone stay in a home that they couldn’t afford. That is $100 for the rest of my life, my children’s lives, their children’s lives…..

  2. I should NOT have read this today – I’m a realtor, have been one for many years. Fluctuations in the market place are what make it work. Pushing money at the problem of overpriced houses (when did a house become WORTH $500,000? – when people without independent wealth were able to borrow that kind of money). Bad part is – is isn’t the homeowners’ money – it is everyone else’s money for generations to come. No one has a RIGHT to own a home – many people should never be homeowners because they lack interest, skills, or finances to maintain a home – they are well off being good solid happy call the landlord about problems renters. You can tell this isn’t a happy place for me. Pouring gasoline on the flames are so called assistance groups encouraging ,organizing people to move INTO foreclosed homes illegally – http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,498669,00.html.
    There are books in our house which describe the issues perfectly – something about calling good evil and evil good
    END OF RANT – sorry – I absolutely try not to read anything about Barney Frank or the current administration’s economic plans because it is so frustrating – obviously intelligent people doing such stupid things!

  3. Wow, that chart is amazing.