note to self

..when seized with the sudden urge to bleach the bathtub, do not get sidetracked by beginning dinner and helping your daughter play a piano piece and putting in a load of laundry and googling youtube videos of Thirty-Something and watching 10 minutes of such videos. Because in the half hour that all such activities take, the tub will fill….and fill… and fill.

And pretty soon your husband will walk by and ask who is taking a bath at this time of day, and you will shriek and you both will run for towels and then you’ll get to spend the next two hours getting cozy with a Wet-Vac.

(Edited to add: And the next month getting cozy with a very nice disaster cleanup crew.)


Duly noted.


  1. Duly noted.

  2. Oof. Bet that hurt a little.

  3. Ooo, ouch. So sorry.

  4. “You need a vacation …. like nobody’s business ….”

  5. I am a big believer that distraction is worse than anything for making mistakes. And what a potential problem! Hope everything cleaned up well.

  6. I did that a few months ago but it got the carpet out of the bathroom – hurrah!

  7. Oh NO!!!

  8. I totally relate.

    I was gonna soak some things in the laundry room sink, set it to fill up, and walked away…for about an hour. When my son went to his room (beside the laundry room) he screamed and let me know what I had done. yikes.

    That same week….I was gonna put Draino in the bathroom sink, and set it to fill up with hot water…and went to help my son with some homework. I caught it quicker this time, but it still overflowed. My son caught me trying to quickly clean and said, “do you do this every time?”. Argh!

    Lets not even talk about the time I was boiling eggs and left the house to go somewhere…


  9. something about multi tasking tells me – this is NOT what we are ‘sposed to be doing. I task OK – it is the multi part that messes me up! Bless your heart – enforced cleaning isn’t ideal

  10. …or don’t put a pot on to boil, and then go outside to check on your kids, and then start drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, and then play hopscotch, and tic-tac-toe. You might have to call the fire department. Really. I’m serious.

  11. That’s something I always fear when running the bath and walking away …

  12. ….or, another thing, if you READ about bleaching the tub on a blog that you love, and then decide that you, too, need to do the same thing, don’t start the tub and then return to the blog that you like so much to catch up with the posts that you haven’t read because your husband and three sons have been violently ill, and then keep reading all the posts that you like until…..


    Well, the floor is really clean now, too.

  13. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too – your floor is really clean now too. :^)

    I woke up to watch my eight year old dump the cup of chocolate milk he’d just poured, over the side of the counter and under the fridge. It really needed cleaned beside, under, and behind the fridge. I hadn’t planned to spend an hour today doing it – but it is now very clean.

  14. Ohmygoodness, there is as much wisdom in the comments as there was on your blog. I’m going to have to start a list…


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