Change of pace

Watch this video from a homeschool dad.


  1. That. Is. Priceless. The tire swing…omg! Thanks for a great laugh this morning.

  2. Oh My. Oh my, my, my. I hurt myself laughing.

  3. That was so funny! Thanks for making me laugh today!;)

  4. Aagghhh! Too funny! I think I watched eerything he has posted on YouTube! I’d never heard of him! Thank you!

  5. I love Tim Hawkins! Warning: don’t show your kids the “hedge of protection” video or they will forever laugh in church when anyone prays for a “hedge of protection” around someone 🙂

  6. That was very funny! They did a good job. The fish looked a bit less than 10 pounds though, ah how the fish stories start ; P

  7. Uhm, that *was* supposed to be funny, right? ‘Cuz I’m just laughing myself silly. LOL. And here I was expecting something really…serious!


  8. You have watched his other videos too, haven’t you? I spent one afternoon wasting sooo much time clicking on and watching the others! Haha!

  9. Hilarious!