Wedding: Highlights Reel #2

Part One here

We got Amanda tucked away in a rocking chair in the bride’s room with some lunch to nibble. As guests filtered into the church, bridesmaids wandered back to hang out with her. Ben stood nervously at the back of the church with the groomsmen, going briefly into the kitchen to eat a bit of lunch after I coaxed. I wasn’t sure if he was ready for me to play mom-in-law just yet, but I didn’t want him to go through the whole ceremony and receiving line, having eaten nothing for lunch.

Amanda’s 4 year old sister Bizzi was wound up too. After she soaked the front of her dress at the drinking fountain, I corralled her in the bride’s room where she at least would be well supervised. The rest of the family was already busy. Our 6 year old was helping my sister hand out programs. Our 10, 11 and 13 year olds were taking gifts and coats from arriving guests. The big boys were ushering, and Erika, our second daughter, was one of the bridesmaids.

John, as dad of the bride, stood in back of church greeting people and looking nervous. I was unsettled too, wandering between him and Amanda. It seemed that the clock was rushing towards the appointed hour, ready or not. At 2:00 Pastor came back, saying that people were still coming into the church, and that we’d be waiting til they got seated to begin. But minutes later, it was time.

We filtered sober-faced out into the hall. I moved forward to be ushered into the church on the arm of my 14 year old son. The bridemaids and groomsmen got ready to line up behind me, with Amanda at the back, and our 4 year old flower girl corralled by dad just in front of Amanda.

In a moment it was time for my son and me to move forward. Music was piano, cello, and flute being played by Ben’s sister, my sister, and a friend from church. We got to the front row without incident– I was feeling calmer than I expected. Then the music changed and it was time to peek back to watch the bridesmaids and groomsmen come in. Most of them were people I knew and loved for years. But after hanging out with them all for hours during the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and this morning’s pictures, I felt fondness even for the ones I did not know well. These were the people that Amanda and Ben had chosen to stand with them during this huge moment in their lives, and that was enough for me.

The bridesmaids smiled my way as they walked up towards the front, which added to my calm. Pretty soon my 4 year old came gravely forward, tossing petals as she walked. She was obviously taking her job seriously. Then the music changed and it was time for me to stand up, which (I’d never realized before) was the cue for the whole congregation to stand and turn to see the bride.

She and John came in steadily. He was serious behind a small smile, and she was radiant, seeking out Ben’s eyes. They looked fabulous. I thought maybe I’d be crying at this moment, but all I could do was smile.

John choked up a bit when it came to saying ‘her mother and I’, but then Ben came quickly forward for Amanda and they were up the stairs to begin this thing. Several times during the vows, I thought I was going to get teary, but then each time I’d see Ben give Amanda a smile, dimple flashing, and I could tell by the curve of her cheek that she was smiling back at him, and the tears left me.

They were entirely, utterly happy to be standing there, promising their lives to each other. I did dab a tear here and there, but mostly I just smiled, full of joy for them. The ceremony rushed by, and suddenly it was time for the kiss and the presentation of the new couple and the rush out the door, accompanied delightfully by Relient K “Something Right”. (Go listen if you don’t know it– fun, fun, fun!)

Because, yeah, they’ve got something good going on!

Just look at them.


  1. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

  2. My husband and I love that song by Reliant K!! He is a huge fan of the band. How fun that they played it at their wedding. The lyrics are perfect =)

  3. Oh, I love that picture of you, Amanda, and your husband. How perfect!

  4. Thanks for sharing about your daughter’s big day, lovely photos. I also like your mother of the bride dress-very pretty and classy.

  5. I ADORE that photo of them walking down the aisle with the glimpse of you beaming just over Amanda’s shoulder.

  6. Wonderful summary – you could do play by play commentary! Beautiful wedding and yes – their music choice is perfection! You have reason to be proud of your children (all of them) and you all looked fab!

  7. So sweet! I love the picture where you are visible between Amanda and her Dad. Congratulations to you all. What a blessing!

  8. Mary! Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Rose and Tim exited to the VERY SAME RELIENT K SONG. That is just too weird. Rose’s aunt played it on her cello! We loved it!

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple.

  9. Oh, so cute- your dress is beautiful, too!

  10. Lovely, Mary and John. Well done.

    One down, nine to go 🙂

    (but seriously, the parent-adult child relationship only moves to another level, and probably, even closer.)

    Much joy for you all.

  11. Such a special day! Thank you so much for including all of us, too.

    I am struck by how much your Amanda and Ben resemble you and your husband as a couple.

    Those bridesmaid dresses were perfect! I absolutely love them.

  12. Wow! whoever clicked the shutter button to get the picture of you between their heads has most excellent timing!
    It’s perfect!

    So lovely. I always get teary when I look at wedding pictures, and these bring the same, even though I’ve never met your family. I feel like I’m a long distance aunt.

    Your dress is just right as a mom of bride. It is the same theme for the black and gray of the groomsmen colors.

    Happy Days are just begun….

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  13. Thanks for sharing the wedding pictures. They are just lovely. My best to you all.


  15. Well you may have managed to not cry – much – but your beautiful post made me cry. :^)

  16. I got teary eyed reading this post! Best of wishes to the newly married couple! And you look beautiful too, pretty dress!

  17. Lovely!

  18. Beautiful, I love the simple pendant she is wearing round her neck, so effective. It is amazing beacsue I am a crying person, yet at my own wedding I didn’t cry. Like you I thought there would be moments whentears would fall, but something always managed to bring me back and make me smile instead. Glad you smiled through the wedding with only a few tears.

  19. By the way, You are lookin’ like one hot mama in that picture! Good choice for your dress. You looked radiant!

  20. mary – i love the picture of your smiling face between the bride and father of the bride. also – how lucky is amanda to have you writing this! what a terrific thing to pass along to her kids etc…xo hugs and congratulations to all!

  21. Awww. She looked just lovely!!! And he is so very handsome.

    What a gorgeous couple.

    I wish them a life time of love and happiness!