Wedding: Highlights Reel

I know a lot of you want wedding details, but I’ve been struggling to describe the wedding in a post that wouldn’t ramble on forever. Well, I decided to simply ramble.

On the wedding morning, I treasured seeing Amanda come downstairs sleepy-eyed, and hugging her for a minute in the warmth of the wood stove before the scurry to get ready. Also delightful was the sight of the rest of the family, coming out of their rooms one by one, looking elegant and excited about the day.

After breakfast, she and I drove to her grandma’s house, where we were going to take some pictures in Grandma’s beautiful living room. The rest of the family and the wedding party would join us at church an hour later for pictures, but Ben and Amanda wanted a few private pictures to start with. Grandma’s living room has a white rock fireplace and lovely high windows with a view out over the lake and the mountains, a perfect backdrop.

This would be the first time Ben saw her in her beautiful dress. Amanda dressed in the bedroom, where the photographer got a few getting-ready pictures and then we waited for Ben to drive up. He arrived right on time, looking handsome and nervous in his black tux. Amanda swished out of the bedroom to the living room and his admiring eyes. It seemed that seeing each other calmed and centered them both. Their sweet photographer got some lovely photos, and then soon it was time to tuck Amanda into the little car so that they could drive off to the church for more pictures.

The church looked lovely, and as each bridesmaid and groomsman arrived, it was almost like magic to see the vision of the wedding come to life, in full color. You imagine how things will look, and hope that they will look right, but you don’t know for sure until you see it all come together.

One decision that Ben and Amanda had made was for Ben and Amanda’s dad to wear tuxes, but to skip tuxes for the groomsmen, instead giving them black shirts and pants and silver ties. This was less money and less hassle, and we all thought it would still look nice. But it was a choice I hadn’t seen at other weddings, so I was just hoping it would be good. Once we saw them all together in person, there was no doubt it had been a stellar choice. The groomsmen looked wonderful and dressed up and they blended well with the groom, but groom and the dad had that added punch of being the men in the tuxes, the most important men in Amanda’s life on that special day. It was great.

The bridesmaids looked wonderful as well. After shopping a dozen different stores, we’d found a place that rented lovely modest bridesmaids dresses for $59. The deep green color and the simple style looked wonderful on all the girls. The dozen-rose bouquets that Amanda and Ben had made for them the day before turned out beautiful as well.

There was a scurry to pin on flowers, and then the photographer was moving people into place at the front of the church. It was just awesome to see them all together up there, with the lovely thick pillar candles and crystal candlesticks shimmering on the altar behind them. Amanda glowed like a jewel at the center of it all, and her eyes and Ben’s eyes kept coming back to each other over and over.

The photographer had fun ideas for the pictures and listened to our suggestions as well. Picture taking roared by in the blink of an eye. My mom brought a simple lunch for the wedding party to snack on as they had moments. Thankfully one of my sisters was also in the background playing wedding coordinator, picking up the cake and directing the kitchen ladies and taking care of dozens of little last minute details. Except for pinning on some corsages, I was free to just be there in the moment. Soon the grandparents arrived and those pictures were taken, and all of a sudden it was 1:30, time for the bride to be tucked away in her room, waiting for the big moment.

My girl was about to be married.


  1. It was sounds like it was a really amazing day. Your daughter looked simply stunning in her dress!

  2. I’m de-lurking because of one thing you said.
    RENTING bridesmaids dresses?
    I have a closet full of dresses (that cost waaaayyyy more that $59) that I’ll never wear again. Pretty expensive dress-up clothes for my daughters, huh?
    So glad the wedding went well. I know you are all so proud and happy!

  3. Buying dress outfits for the guys and renting bridesmaid dresses? Brilliant.

  4. Love the details! More, please!

  5. Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog and truly am enjoying all the beautiful details of your lovely daughters wedding. Congratulations on such a beautiful daughter, a wonderful son-in-law, and a gorgeous wedding.

  6. I know someone already said this, but renting the bridesmaids dresses was brilliant. I wish I’d thought of that!

    Also, I’m looking forward to the next installment of this. You’ve been building up my anticipation the last couple weeks! =)

  7. The guys supplied their own black pants and black shoes. Shirts and ties were $21 per guy, and they got a nice black shirt and a new tie out of the deal.

  8. Everything looks spectacular—down to the flower girls braided hair. Did you have to do that on top of everything else?

  9. My 13 year old daughter braided her little sister’s hair– no way I had time to do that many braids! 🙂

  10. Amazing…I have tears in my eyes as I see the picture you are painting through loving eyes that observed the whole thing…

  11. I was so moved by your post today that I linked to it in my blog….

  12. Well told.

  13. I still haven’t got use to the fact that in the US you have the pictures before the wedding! In Europe it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride be the wedding, therefore pictures are done afterwards when you are married. It was lovely on my day to walk down the ailse towards my husband with him having never seen me in my dress before. Funny how different countries do different things. I love the groomsman without jackets, so casual but smart and very effective. Well done

  14. I don’t even have my daughter yet, and this makes my eyes all blurry. What a blessed day. Thank you for sharing it.

    Your sweet one will be home soon enough. Home gets redefined so often.

  15. Beautiful wedding party! I’m so glad you got to enjoy every minute of it.

  16. Ramble on! I am so enjoying the details of this special day.

    My brother is married this weekend.