Amanda and Ben

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  1. Congrats Mary! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

  2. Congratulations to the newly weds.

    And take a breath, Mary, you deserve it.

  3. She looks positively lovely-and he is smitten, that one. What a lovely day! I’m with Kellen-can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Fabulous! They look great, and I can tell it was wonderful!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Stunning photos of their special day. He looks so in love with her from the way he looks at her.

  7. I was married at 20. And I think, looking at those beautiful pictures of such happy sweet newlyweds, was I ever really that young?

    How wonderful for your entire family! How amazing that you put on the wedding with such short notice. I am truly impressed.

  8. Just beautiful… what a proud and sad day for you. Sad because your baby is all grown up, but so well!

  9. Ahhh…beautiful! Congratulations to Amanda and Ben and you whole wonderful family!

  10. Congratulations!! They look radiant. Did you have a good day or were you too busy to enjoy it? I hope you had a lovely day!

  11. OH….beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! Well done to all of you, the scramble and craziness paid off. Stunning. She is radiant and looks so happy, he is handsome and looks so happy. Good job Mom! For all of it. relax today…you’ve earned it. Lovely and t hanks for putting the pics up!

  12. what a lovely young couple. praying for many years of happiness for them.
    for you, i’m seeing a day of rest and relaxation. slow down and breathe.

  13. Awww…she’s beautiful! And your little flower girl is utterly adorable! I love the pic of Amanda on the swing- SO cute! 🙂

  14. Beautiful. They look so happy together. That’s what marriage should be about. I hope they always look at each other that way.

  15. What a beautiful couple they make….they both have that glow in their eyes. Congratulations!

  16. I kept thinking about you last night. Oh, I’m so happy for you and the happy couple!

  17. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  18. Congratulations!!

  19. Awwww congrats! 🙂 She looks JUST LIKE YOU! 🙂

  20. Guard Wife says:

    Thank you for sharing these photos! They are lovely as are those pictured in them. Congratulations to you & your family. Best wishes to the newlyweds!!

  21. Congratulations.

  22. Beautiful! Congrats to the newlyweds & thank you for sharing a bit of the day w/us.

  23. Congratulations! They look soooooooo happy together! (And I just love that swing picture — what a great idea!)

    Wonderful news!

  24. What a gift and a blessing it was to be a witness to this lovely union. Our hearts are full and our prayers will continue for all and for always.

  25. They look so happy. Congratulations to them.

  26. Aww, they look so happy. Congratulations to all of you.

    Can’t wait to hear all the details of how you pulled that off in such a short amount of time. Very impressed here.


  27. Congratulations to them, and to you and all the crew for pulling off a wedding in just a few weeks! Can’t wait to hear all about it after you wind down a bit.

  28. Amanda is radiant, Ben gallant and they look so in love.
    Thank you for sharing the blessing of a new union.
    Congratulations and Best Wishes to the young couple!
    Good work and pulling it all together! As my oldest daughter is of a same age, I look forward hearing about all the preparations, and the special touches that made their day meaningful to them.

  29. Wonderful pics – you must be so proud.

  30. SO wonderful! Everyone looks so very happy! Congratulations!!!

  31. I am grinning from ear to ear looking at the precious pictures! What a beautiful day it must have been. Congratulations to Ben and Amanda! You are both an encouragement to other young people waiting for their love story!

  32. ((SIGH)) Wow. She looked so beautiful! I swear women are their most beautiful during the most meaningful moments of their lives….when happiness oozes out of ever pore. Blessings to the new couple!

  33. Aww . . the bride looks radiant. Joy just shines through both the bride and groom! Congrats – I’m sure it was awesome. Can’t wait to hear all the details! 🙂

  34. They look beautiful and SOO happy! =) How are you doing? Did you survive such a crazy rush of planning? look slike you did an amazing job!! =)

  35. Congratulations! What a beautiful couple!

  36. Her dress is beautiful! Congrats… one down, nine to go mom!

  37. They are both absolutely RADIANT! =) He is clearly quite smitten with her. What a beautiful couple. I’m sending the best of wishes their direction, for a happy and satisfying life.

    And also, congratulations to her momma for making it this far. What a bittersweet blessing to witness your daughter’s marriage to such a fine young man. I’m looking forward to the details!

  38. I’m so thrilled for them–and for you. God bless their marriage and their new life together.

  39. Oh, how lovely! Praying for the best for them.

  40. Congrats! Memories to treasure for a lifetime!! Beautiful…

  41. How precious! What a wonderful, emotional day you must have had.
    Congratulations to your newlyweds, and to you, too!

  42. You did it, mama! Congratulations to the beautiful couple and the happy families. Take a deep breath, process it all, and blog, blog, blog about it! God bless you.

  43. I hope you loved every minute and were able to bask in the holiness of it all.

    And today I hope you rested in your hubby’s arms.

    peace in Christ,

  44. I always read your blog, and have anxiously been awaiting the big day. Your daughter was beautiful and her beau handsome. Must hear all about the big day and please more pictures, after you have rested a bit!

  45. Oh how lovely! Their love just shines in their eyes and their smiles. Biggest of congrats to you and your family and of course to the newlyweds!!!!!!!

    I, too, kept thinking of them last night. My heart kept thinking – it’s Ben and Amanda’s wedding day!!!

    Oh….blessed be. Brightest of blessings.

    Blessed be!

  46. Oh Mary! She is beautiful! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  47. Congratulations!!!!! Just gorgeous pictures and couple 🙂

  48. Gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful.
    Having just been there myself, I still adore wedding pictures. She has done you proud and you should be feeling very proud too. She is gorgeous.

  49. Oh, such beautiful photos of a beautiful couple on a beautiful day!