My mother’s hands

I was over at Shutter Sisters this morning, where they are asking people to share pictures of ‘superhero’ hands. I immediately thought of a picture that I took of my mother and my daughter on Mother’s Day last year. My mom is definitely one of my superheros.

I had to also post the full picture because I wanted you to be able to see their beautiful faces too. I know I’ve posted this one recently, but I thought some of you might not have seen it.


  1. What a beautiful photo. You have a wonderful family and I love following your blog. I think you should post a photo of your own hands because with all you do I think you more than qualify as having superhero hands.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so beautiful, both the hands and the full shot. Thanks for including both. I must have missed the previous posting and was glad to see it today.

  4. beautiful photo of them and the moment and the relationship

  5. Oh, what a neat idea!
    I think hands make some of the coolest pictures.

    You have a very nice blog here and I am enjoying reading you!

    Take Care

  6. That says a thousand things, what a wonderful picture..

  7. Your photo made me think of my mother. When my sister visited me last summer I realized that her hands looked like mom’s did when I was little. I felt a sense of comfort at that.

  8. thank you for sharing this with us! : )