What Africa Needs

Interesting Editorial: As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God.


  1. well hot dang – excellent testimonial for Christian living from a profound secularist. I truly am saddened the same is not said of western Christians – that you feel different when you are around them – oops – I guess people(secular people) feel different around us because we are portrayed (?accurately) as angry, hostile, judgmental and more than a little full of ourselves. I’m probably ticking off someone writing this but I’m so tired of feeling I should apologize because “those Christians” are again doing something Christ would kick their butts about. Missionaries have led the way in medical care, clean water, schooling and oh yes – leading people to a different way of life. Hooray for African Christians – they are living it. Hooray for Matthew Parris being truthful about what he sees. Thanks for bringing this up -when you are “done” with the book I’ll send you the title of a book (fiction – oh sweet indulgence) about Africa and Christian women I think you’ll like.

  2. Linda Sue, That IS the challenge, isn’t it? To live in a way that people will see the difference and be drawn to it!

    I’d love to read that book…one of these days! 🙂


  4. Well that certainly gives you something to think about–thanks for the link.

  5. It was certainly interesting. In fact, I like it overall. However, I do not like that he says the message of love is grasped simply because they are “anxious to cast off a crushing tribal groupthink.” It’s is obvious to me that a feeling of pure, loving, freedom through Christ could make one feel as though a huge weight has been lifted, but I’m not sure that Mr. Parris saw it that way. He believes that it is just an escape from their life of peer pressure-oppression. But it is! lol this is hard to explain, but I think you might understand. All in all, I’m excited that he is seeing things in a different view. Now if only he had someone wise in his life to show him the way…oh, he does! Jesus baby! But a couple wise, Christ-like, humans could help. :]