In the Olden Days

6 yr old daughter: Mom, did you have a computer when you were a kid?  

41 yr old me: No

6 yr old (surprised): Why not? 

41 (thinking, let’s see, late 70’s, early 80’s?): Hardly anybody had one back then. They were too expensive.

6 yr old (puzzled): Well, then how did you email people? 

41 yr old: We didn’t.

6 yr old (puzzled): Did you have pens?  

41 yr old (insulted): Yes!

6 yr old (surprised): Like the pens we have? 

41 yr old (more insulted): Yes, I’m not THAT old.

At which point the the 6 yr old wisely decides to stop asking questions and go play with her Legos.

Which, for the record, WERE around when the 41 year old was a kid.



  1. LOL…out of the mouths of babes….I was just trying to teach a life lesson to my son last night about how not everything is instantaneous like email and texting, that some things take a long time and are worth the wait like school.

  2. Oh don’t even start with me about “when I was a kid” ! When I was a kid – tv was black and white. I’m perzactly older than you by 20 years so it is unnerving to see all the changes – and I look at blogs like yours and think “what will the world bring to those children – thank you Lord they have You as their center”. I love email, computers and webcams -but remember penpals and playing games outside with no adults involved ? Enough – BTW I did not comment on that Donuts post -even the title look scrumptious- too painful – my elastic waistbands are expanding almost beyond their reach. Moderation is a challenge!

  3. What I can’t imagine is that I did my first Ethiopian adoption before the support of e-groups. I knew NOONE who adopted from Ethiopia–not even virtual friends.

  4. hehe great post! I remember find out that my parents didnt have tapes when they were kids.. and now that is basically going to be MP3 players for my son.

  5. Ha, Ha!

    Isn’t it amazing how much we have today that wasn’t around (or prevalent) when we were 6? Microwave ovens, computers, home office equipment, digital cameras, cell phones you can put in your pocket…and the list goes on! Makes you grateful for the conveniences we have…and also aware of how much of it is not really necessary, but luxuries indeed.

  6. that’s ok, my oldest daughter, who was 8 at the time, asked me if i used a CHAMBER POT when i was younger!!!! um, i am THIRTY THREE!!!!! rotten little children…..

  7. That’s funny. I’m 38 & my four kids are constantly telling me how old I am. My 9 yr old boy yesterday, when asked if he had homework, replied yes but he was using his free homework pass for it (in other words, he doesn’t have to do the work!) I asked how he received the homework pass & he said that if you do your homework all the time periodicly the teacher let’s them get prizes from the prize box & he picked the pass. I said we never had those kinds of passes when I went to school! You did your homework or got a bad grade. And him & my 12 yr old son’s response was that I was just old! Gotta love those kids! : )

  8. I marvel at the things my children will never know life without – cds, cordless phones, computers, DVR, answering machines, heck – phones that announce who’s calling so I don’t have to even haul my rear off the couch if I don’t want to! Or the things they will never know…record players, playing with the phone cord while on a long phone call, typewriters, videotapes and having to answer the phone to find out who’s on the other end!

  9. Linda Sue: when I was little, TV was only black and white also–and I’m only 33! We were eventually given a color TV when I was in high school, but most of my childhood it was all b&w.

    About 10 years ago, my then-seven-year-old niece was staying with me overnight. We were out running some errands and she asked my why I had to open my door with the key and hers from the inside. She’d never seen a car without a remote!

  10. I am only 32 and often get similar questions from my 15yr old sister. I’m not old but some days I feel it. You know you have passed into “the other side’ when your point of reference is no longer the same. I have a college guy who works for me named Carson, for whatever reason I would call him Carter. One day when I just simply couldn’t remember (yes I know I’m losing my mind) I asked “Is it Carson? like Johnny Carson?” to which he replied “No, Like Carson Daly.” lol at that point I just laughed 🙂

  11. It just cracks me up when my girls refer to my teen years as “The Olden Times”! (I’m only 45, for pity’s sake!)

  12. Hah! Apparently when I was four I asked my then-not-even-thirty-year-0ld mother if she had TOYS when she was little! This summer, she gave my 8 y/o son the Legos she still had from when I was about six (I’ll be 40 this year). He was stunned to receive them and to see that they actually “worked” with his current Legos!

  13. When we tell kids about shows we watched as children, they ask why we didn’t record them and are shocked that I lived several years with only a black and white television. I’m 39. No, really I am… I’m turning 40 in a few months.

  14. When oldest son was about 9 years old, (meaning this mother was 33) he had some neighbor friends come over on their bicycles for a playdate.
    (Many motherly phone calls involved to get that at set up!)

    As one of the girls rode into the yard, she asked why were there clothes all over the place, as in two 20 foot lines and a folding rack.
    As one of the girls came into the yard, she asked why our clothes were all over, as in two lines about 20 feet long, and a folding rack.

    When I explained about hanging clothes outside so the sun could dry them, she shrugged and said “We just put ours in the dryer.”

  15. Love your blog. Makes my 8 member family seem small!:)

  16. Ha! Cute!

  17. Yes, our kids snigger when we tell them we didn’t have mobile phones, and households were lucky to have any phones at all in fact, that televisions didn’t have remote controls (“What? You had to get up to change the channel?!”) and we talk about our vinyl records.

    I fear they think we also had dinosaurs as pets.


  18. Ha! I got myself in that same trouble with a friend’s mom when I was 13. She mentioned something about 17 magazine, and I said, “They had 17 when you were a kid?”

    She was offended, and of course I didn’t think she was old, I just thought that the magazine that we were reading about lip gloss and boys was too hip to have given HER advice when she was a teen.

  19. My oh My, that there comment up there is a mess.
    I’m sorry if you can’t make sense of it, but you should be able to get the idea.

    My copy and paste clipboard has been acting up lately.
    Henceforth, I will check and edit the heck out of all comments 🙂

  20. Yeah, we had legos, but they were expensive and hard to work. . .