Maybe a shoehorn?

The other evening we were talking about Ben joining our family, and how the kids were going to have a new big brother. Our 13 year old daughter was sighing over Ben’s habit of teasing her — typical big brother, eh?  — though her smile gave away the fact that she doesn’t mind the teasing all that much.

Our 6 year old was listening intently to all of this, and then finally she said, “So where are we gonna stuff him?”

At that point we realized we had a little more explaining to do.   But I’m still laughing at the idea of trying to ‘stuff’ Ben someplace in our house.


  1. Your six year old has the right idea – just stuff Ben in there with the rest of the family! I bet he’ll find just the right place. Sweet thoughts about your family growing and changing — and I hate to be the reminder but OH MY – somebody has a book deadline approaching and isn’t supposed to be blogging as often – at least according to her previous postings! (I’m old enough so I can pretend to be a mom conscience!) Bless you

  2. that was good for a laugh. sweet how her mind works regarding new family members coming in. sweet innocence.

    wondering if you’ve got any plans, though, to stuff anyone else in the owlhaven in the future?!

  3. Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is filled with many blessings. Have fun planning the wedding.!

  4. I ask myself that same question regarding new family members! She is too cute.

    Somehow, everyone seems to find their sliver of room…

  5. I’m posting this comment just so I won’t forget to remember – we used to “do” weddings at our B&B – one of the neat things a bride did was use English ivy (or whatever nice ivy you choose) in the bridal bouquet and then give away snips from the plant for people to root in water then have a living remembrance of the special occasion. Just a thought – inexpensive yet lovely

  6. There’s always room for one more to love — even if it takes a shoe horn!!! Congratulations on the growing of your beautiful family. What an exciting time for all of you. Hugs, Heather

  7. I actually laughed out loud at your 6 year old’s comment! That’s hilarious! Congratulations on the future son in law! And I immediately sent up a prayer that the Lord will prepare my children for marriage, if that is His intent for them and I prayed that He prepare our children’s future spouses for marriage also. So important to do that(thanks for reminding me) and so consoling for us parents to be able to do that.

  8. ROTFL!!!

    Oh, that is just priceless.