Christmas in pictures

Here’s a bit of our Christmas. You can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger. We had a wonderful two days. This is one Christmas we’ll never forget!


  1. Merry Christmas! Great to see you all had a great Christmas.
    I’m mostly a lurker… not too much time to post these days.
    May 2009 bring Joy and Happiness!

  2. i made and ate the breakfast casserole: mmmnnmmm.

    we had a great time too. nice pictures of the owls in the haven!

  3. I can NOT believe you gave your son drums. I thought you were amazing, now I’m awe struck. You are a better woman than I am OR you have a garage.

  4. Welcome to the Drummer in the House Club!

    So glad a merry Christmas was had by all at your house (and beyond!)

  5. precious pics.

  6. Wonerful pictures. The kids must have been realy good to have had such a generous Santa. Where did Santa get the “new baby doll”? I have trouble getting ethnic dolls here in Germany.

  7. Beautiful family! Happy New Year from Windy Ridge!