Links that made me think

President Bush’s Secret Mission (HT: Tim Challies)

Just because it’s Christmas (HT: Carrien)


  1. I enjoyed that link from Tim as well. I look forward to the other on this afternoon!

  2. Oh my I’d read an article about President Bush’s visits to military wounded (and a friend was a physician’s assistant at Andrews AFB so he’d told us about it also). Yet again gives a depth to a person the media is so willing to villify,
    The Camp Krusty bit – totally and absolutely right on. It makes me ill to see people buying all that stuff whether they can “afford it” or not. Children are being taught they have to be amused, pampered and continually upgraded — instead of being loved, learning to enjoy work (God promises us work in heaven – work is not a bad word) and treasuring time with people rather than stuff. Whew – I’m getting dizzy up here on my soap box – you pushed a coupla buttons there dear lady. Hope your house is merry today – I’m hearing the passionate call of a nap at the moment .

  3. Great links! I especially enjoyed the second one. We’ve really cut back this year for Christmas, and I’ve discovered that the less we spend, the more in tune with the real reason for Christmas I feel. It’ s like all the trappings of “Christmas” have fallen away, and as a family we’re focused on celebrating Christ’s birth, spending time together, and coming up with creative and meaningful gifts for each other. Hopefully we’ll be in a better economic place next year, but I hope that the spirit of this pared-down Christmas will live on in our home regardless of our circumstances. Merry Christmas to you and yours:)

  4. You know…I haven’t always fully agreed with everything President Bush has done (but in all seriousness…does a person ever fully agree with a politcal official on anything?). Having said that, I don’t think President Bush is all that bad either, and I think his writing to families and visiting the wounded is really commendable. And I absolutely think Laura Bush is a very classy First Lady.

  5. Mary,

    As always thanks for sharing. I have struggled to have my girls understand that it is not about what you get but how you get it (by being kind etc). It’s not always easy when they are surrounded by other images saying “buy me, buy me, buy me”

  6. Thanks so much for the links.

    Those were great ones!!