In a Rambling Mood

Sometimes I think I am too hard on myself in the blogging department…thinking each post has to have MEANING– or, OK, at least a vague theme. But today I am in the mood for a ramble, so there. (And if you’re looking for meaningful, you can always count on Ann’s.)

So, a few random facts in no particular order.
–We are almost out of wrapping paper. I am hoping we still have enough gift bags to pull things off because I do NOT want to go to the store again.

–My hubby really rescued me in the shopping department. Most of the minutes during December that I’m not cooking or parenting, I’ve been rassling the book project. I am very grateful he stepped in and just decided, esp when it came to extended family gifts. We are doing more gift cards than usual this year, but frankly I was just too tired to think, so I am glad John made the executive decision and dealt with it. Bless the man.

–Shopping today was not nearly as bad as I feared. Yes, there were crowds and the roads were a mess. But my 18 year old daughter went along to keep me company, and we had fun getting the last of the gift-shopping and a boatload of grocery shopping done. And the kids cleaned the house while I was gone. Bless them.

–The steer went to the butcher today. It weighed 1144 pounds. We didn’t expect a Jersey steer to get that big– must have been all those pumpkins. (Warning: don’t click the link if you’re already feeling sorry for the cow– it will make you feel worse.) I’ve been told that will be between 400 and 500 pounds of meat. I am trying to figure if that will fit into a 20 cf freezer. If not, John’s mom has offered us freezer space.

–Eldest did indeed make it to Taiwan, got some sleep and is eating frosty flakes for breakfast with the Blodgetts, I hear. She and I chatted a bit on facebook, and it sounds like the trip was long, but went well. Glad she made it there safe, and glad to be able to chat with her on facebook.

— I just made 3 lasagnas and stuck two in the freezer– hooray! The one we’re eating for dinner is now done, and I must go serve.

End of ramble.


  1. You named your steer “Burger”? That’s too funny 🙂 My parents raised a steer every year or so when I was growing up. Us kids thought my dad was hilarious the year he named the steer “Butch”. Poor steer 😉

  2. yum, yum. of course i had to click the link.

    i guess i should have commented over there but john is developing into quite the blogger. that was a good post about the garden vacuum.

    are you done with the manuscript?

  3. When I was a kid, we would buy “a half a steer” which came to about 300 pounds, from the meat processors. We had an upright freezer in the mud room.

    And Dad always asked for the tongue, which he then cooked in a pressure cooker with some spices. He loved taking sliced tongue sandwiches in his lunch.

    I thought it was okay to eat in the kitchen, but never wanted to have it in my lunch at school because of all the questions from other students.
    I came to learn that a tongue sandwich, or sardines, or peanut butter/brown sugar/banana sandwich would never let me eat my lunch in peace.

  4. Oh, about the wrapping paper…. we have a family tradition of putting at least one gift in an old cereal box. Sometimes the cardboard takes on wonderful origami shapes, or is halfway inside folded out.
    My father-in-law always used the colored comics from the newspaper. He said the packages looked pretty, although when the sons were young, I did not appreciate the ink all over their hands and jammies. It does wash off easily.

  5. Your life make me tired ….but not in a “it’s boring” kind of way..definitely…’s exhausting!

  6. Oh, your steer was just so cuuuuuuuuute!!! *sigh* Hey, he had a really, really nice life until, well…the end. So at least there’s that.

    I had to go shopping today, and I didn’t think it was all that bad, either. It actually was better than a lot of weekends during the regular year; maybe because they were prepared with enough checkers for once?

    Glad you are feeling better, Mary. Have a fabulous Christmas with your beautiful family!

  7. For the record, the Frosted Flakes were a snack and they had egg burritos when I woke up just a little bit later… I don’t consider most cold cereal real food!