Heading off on an adventure

Eldest (on left) leaving for Taiwan with friends

Eldest (on left) leaving for Taiwan with friends

For more of the story, go see my post later today at 5 Minutes for Parenting. Be still, my heart.


  1. awww – so many “moments” lately but I suppose that is how life is for a large family. Time has a nasty habit of NOT standing still when we need/want/think it should for us. Glad for your daughter – what an exciting time for her. The thing about raising up independent strong children is cool until it happens – but you are handling it well (and I would guess a bit of holiday chocolate could be a temporary bandage). Bless you . Oh I’d put a link to your blog on my blog – kept checking here so often I figured I needed the update feed! Thank you for a very different view of the world

  2. Wow! That’s exciting and a bit scary at the same time!

  3. I lived in Taiwan for 3 years. I hope your daughter loves it there.

    Reminds me of when I went off to Europe for a couple of months during my college years—my first Christmas away from the family.

    Now I’m looking at my oldest going off to college — having him graduate from HS in a few short months. I already can’t stand it thinking of him gone.

  4. Ok, I kept looking and looking at that picture and couldn’t figure out who your daughter was…. if it IS the girl on the left…. she looks JUST like you- I thought it was you lol. I’m really not kidding about that! Anowho, wishing you all a Merry Christmas!