My lil birthday girl

Have been meaning to share a few pictures of my baby’s birthday. I probably shouldn’t really call her a baby anymore, because she’s FOUR. But she’s still the shortest one in the house. That’s close enough for me.

Posing with her cake before the guests arrived

Blowing out candles with Daddy

Blowing out candles with Daddy, who was also having a birthday that week

Back when she was a little baby

Here she is back when she was really little!

Getting smooches from her daddy

Getting smooches from her daddy


I’ll close the contest for the $30 Childrens’ Place gift card on Monday morning, so get your comments in before then to have a shot at winning!


  1. She’s just so beautiful!!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh my goodness! My heart just catches in my throat at her beauty. What an angel (at least in pictures, I’m sure in real life she’s not ALWAYS so angelic *wink*). You are one blessed momma…

  3. She has the sweetest little smile. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

  4. oh my goodness… don’t they grow way too fast! What a cutie.

  5. She is so very beautiful! I have a birthday girl this month too, my baby is turning 6. Let me tell you, it’s really hard to have your baby turn 6…so sweet and so very hard…

  6. This is an adorable 🙂 I’m glad she has parents like you guys!

  7. Happy Birthday! She’s too cute! Four is such a sweet age, how fun is that?

  8. She is absolutely beautiful! I remember 4 as being such a good age.

  9. What a beautiful little girl! I love that age — innocent and oh-so-inquisitive! And you can really play with them, which is so fun.

  10. She’s beautiful! My baby turned 4 this week too. They grow up so fast.

  11. Mary, your baby is so beautiful!!! She is definitely a Blessing from God above!

  12. Wow, Mary, she is looking so grown up!

  13. She’s so cute! I love that first picture of her posing with her cake!

  14. She is and was soooo cute! You are a lucky mum!

  15. Your “baby” looks so sweet!

    My baby turns four in the next week. He’s tired of being called Baby Bear so I guess we’ll change his nickname to Little Bear. *sigh*

  16. Four!? I totally still think of her as a baby girl. Happy Birthday, sweet one.

    She is so beautiful.

  17. She is just so perfect – absolutely beautiful! Her picture makes me smile.

    Thank you for sharing!

  18. Oh my, so adorable!

  19. She is so precious! Love the first picture!

  20. Oh she is just SOO adorable!! Those eyes! Those cheeks! Those lips!!! ****swooon****

    I hope she, and your darling hubby, had wonderful birthdays.

  21. Happy Happy Birthday! She is just precious!

  22. She is just stunning. I remember when she came home!

  23. The baby picture made my heart catch in my throat a little bit. What a sweet child. Happy 4th birthday to her (and congratulations to you! I think parents should get presents on their kids’ birthdays…)

  24. Awwww. Happy birthday beautiful girl!!

  25. mary, isn’t she precious?! yes, she is. Happy 4th, big girl.