5 things in my head at the moment

1. The book winner is commenter #6, Dana of Havenstorch. Congrats, Dana! Email me and let me know which 2 books you prefer.

2. This week I am finishing 3 chapters of my frugal cooking book so I can deliver them to my editor by the end of the day Wednesday. Am feeling a bit frazzled by the immediacy of that deadline.

3. We’re having a birthday party this evening for my wonderful hubby. His birthday is tomorrow, so go tell him Happy Birthday, OK? we are also celebrating my BABY’s FOURTH birthday! How can she possibly be four already?

4. I am very happy to be getting some extra time with my college kids and their friends this week during Thanksgiving break. The game night last evening was really fun. A bunch of us were up til 3AM playing possibly the longest game of pinochle in the history of man. I would happily do it again this evening, if that tells you anything about the fun we had.

5. On Thanksgiving we are visiting John’s extended family at noon, and spending time with my extended family at the evening meal. Must make mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie before then, plus something I already forgot. I may need to entirely give up sleep to accomplish all my goals for the week. Also must make up my game plan for the shopping trip on Friday and decide which of my big kids should be my shopping buddy this year.

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?


  1. Hi Mary,
    I couldn’t find the email address–probably right in front of me–today it could be and I still wouldn’t find it! I am so thankful to win. I’d like books 2 and 3. Gracen is looking forward to them.
    If you could email me with your email address, I will email you my snail mail info. Sorry again for not being able to locate what is probably right under my nose!
    Thank you!

  2. Well, since you asked, I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my immediate family (hubby, three kids) and my in-laws. It’s a small group, but I’m so excited about the cooking, I can hardly stand it. I love Thanksgiving.

    On the other hand, I’m so sleep deprived, I might put cranberries in the mashed potatoes. But I’m hoping everyone will be thankful anyway.

  3. ENJOY the time with those college agers!! This will be my first Thanksgiving without ALL my kids. As long as I don’t think about it, I’M OKAY!!

    Our Thanksgiving meal is at my Mom’s. I stopped by last night to ask my 76 year old mother if she would like me to come early Thursday to help put the meal together.
    Will I be that independent at her age?
    I certainly hope so!

  4. Well, I am also considering giving up sleep to accomplish this week’s tasks so good to know I will have company in that! For the first time, I am cooking the ENTIRE Thanksgiving meal and we are having our host student who is from Malawi over (we have a neat international friendship program here at Virginia Tech where you get paired up with a student from another country and get to know each other) and it will be his first American Thanksgiving. We are also having some friends who are all from Kenya over so it will be an all African Thanksgiving here-extra fun as we near the top of the waiting list for our adoption from Ethiopia!

  5. This is my first Thanksgiving with my parents as an adult, rather than as a college student. Last year my boyfriend came over for dinner on Thanskgiving night, but this year we’re both spending half a week at my parents’ house. Hopefully enjoying the first Southern California rain storm of the season.

    I can’t believe you’re doing 2 Thanksgivings plus early morning shopping! Sounds fun and busy!

  6. I think I may have to give up sleep this week as well! I was gone last week – went to a weekend conference, came home & then headed off to Toronto for work! Now I’m scrambling to get my house ready for family weekend guests, and food ready for dinner on Friday after shopping – my mom had foot surgery so the bulk of the cooking is falling on me. At least I have Thursday to tie up loose ends…

  7. Making spinach dip for dinner with the family and being thankful for my family and thankful that God is in control and thankful that this year is almost over!

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