Holiday goodness

Melanie of Big Mama shares a wonderful way we can support the families of our military.  I am just starting to think of our family’s holiday card, and I think I will try to do this.  Will you consider sending a Christmas card yourself?  Please note that the deadline is December 1st.

And I just found this fabulous-looking recipe.  I am wondering if I can make it with my own pumpkin.  And my own cookies.  And my own caramel topping.  But cool whip…hmmm…I may be going to the store after all.


  1. thank you for posting about this!


  2. On the topic of Christmas cards, here’s another idea that I recently found:

    It might be a way for groups to raise money for various Christmas needs, etc…

  3. I’m awaiting the braided bread recipe you mentioned on Twitter.