Music I like

Recently I had the chance to review a new CD by Linda Eder. She has done a lot of interesting things in her life, some of which you can read about on her website at Since I’d never heard of her til I got the CD, the bottom line for me, though, was if I liked her music. I do. Her light pop/country style is very pleasant and easy to listen to. I tend to listen to Christian music, because I like to know that the lyrics are safe for my little children to listen to. But I felt fine with what I heard from this CD. I’ve listened to it 3 or 4 times since I got it, and I will be doubtless be listening to it again.

By the way, if you’re interested in knowing what other music I enjoy, I JUST figured out how to put a very cool list in my sidebar on the right. And yes, I’m already listening to Christmas music! Anyone else as impatient as I?


  1. I absolutely LOVE Linda Eder!

  2. Yep! My husband managed to keep the Christmas music out of my hands until November, but as soon as the first of the month hit, the Christmas music was out in full force. I have this amazing new album from a brass quintet called Presidio Brass. I love the arrangements.

    Christmas music isn’t quite as effective when it’s 87 degrees outside, but I still love it!

  3. Oh my. Christmas music. I just realized Thanksgiving is next week.
    I am so not ready.

    Good for you for enjoying the holiday music. To me it all sounds like a ticking clock. When I see that in print, it’s obvious my priorities need to be adjusted.

  4. Had a lovely visit from your Hubby on my blog, you guys are more than welcome to visit if you are ever in the UK : )
    life is a bit James Herriot around here,
    blessings and prayers

  5. The new Casting Crowns Christmas CD is incredible. I love it and listen to it often! My girls, 4 & 5 also have learned it and are singing along. It’s precious to hear them sing. I love Christmas music!

  6. She has a beautiful voice. I used to have the soundtrack to Jeckyll and Hyde when I was in high school.

    I am already listening to Xmas music, and the local radio station started their 24/7 playing today. Hooray!

  7. Christmas music – yes. I couldn’t wait to get out my Todd Agnew one (my favorite), plus my Trans Siberian Orchestra.