Heard at the ‘haven

5:30 PM.

Kids are playing with play dough at the kitchen counter.  10 year old daughter says, “I wonder what we’re having for dinner?”

“Me too.” chimes in Mom, aka Chief Cook.

And all the kids sigh because if it’s 5:30 and mom doesn’t have a clue what’s for dinner, it doesn’t bode well for dinner happening anytime soon.

(Now off to cook….something….)


  1. Some conversations are universal, aren’t they? My kids would use the opportunity to try and talk me into ordering pizza (or Outback). And since I am weak willed, I try to have an answer as to what’s for dinner. Because as much as I’d like to say, “outback cheese fries”, it’s neither cost effective or healthy. (although I’m more concerned with the cost factor as opposed to the health factor. After all, it’s Outback cheese fries!)

  2. haha…this same conversation happened at our house tonight too!! 🙂

  3. I am so glad I’m not the only one with conversations like that at their house. I keep waiting for the dinner fairy to arrive, but it hasn’t happened yet…

  4. Oh, have totally been there! Many times.

  5. I remember when the girls were younger and we’d be at the park about4pm with other moms and kids. All the moms would start saying “What are YOU cooking for dinner?” We always groaned when some smart one would say “X” or “It’s in the crockpot now!” I know menu planning makes life easier so why do I resist it? Actually, I’m back to it the last few weeks and it really DOES make life easier. I don’t assign days though. Just come up with 5 meals. 1 night is usually leftovers and 1 spontaneous. 😉

  6. Sounds a normal family conversation to me!

  7. We came hope from church yesterday at noon and, as usual, everyone was starving. My plan was to make spaghetti. but, oops-no spaghetti sauce. Pesto spaghetti? Out of basil. Alfredo? tiny bit of parmesan. no milk…a little half and half…
    So I made up something which I thought wasn’t that great but the kids surprised me by requesting fourths and fifths. Ahh, the power of a late meal. Hunger makes everything taste better!

  8. Oh! That does sound like my house… except for when I actually do my menu planning. Then they just sigh cause they know what is for dinner and it isn’t McDonalds! hehe…

  9. Yep, that happens here too.

  10. That is totally me when I don’t plan a menu. lol