Bed is beckoning….

…so instead of a real post, like with actual words, I will share this pix of my hubby.  Doesn’t he look cute in the beard he grew while I was in the Dominican Republic?  He teases me that he grew it to prove how long I’d been gone.  (The guilt– it is like a knife in my heart)

I think it looks awesome on him.  He is not so sure. He claims the grey bits make him look ‘old’.  I think he looks darned cute, and am coaxing him to keep it.

In any case, unlike me, he actually wrote a post today.   So when you leave here, unsatisfied with slim pickins’ I’ve offered, stop by and see what he has to say.

(And tell him to keep the beard, OK?  Because his wife LIKES it!)


  1. Cracking up, because the picture combined with the title, after that last post and close on the heels after your love story make me ask…Is it suddenly hot in here? Should we leave you two alone? 🙂

  2. I LOVE THE BEARD!!!!!
    But more importantly, YOU love it.
    And therefore, he must keep it.

  3. Very handsome! And tellh him to keep the beard. It looks great!

  4. Hmm… My wonderful husband grew a mustache when he was deployed to Iraq the last time and I have one very blurry picture of him from far away to prove this fact.

    It looks good! I cannot imagine having facial hair though. Even if I were a man. It would drive me crazy… I would feel itchy or something. NOT that I have facial hair! I don’t know that I would push him to keep it, but he does look quite nice!

  5. Jeana!!! That connection was unintentional. But you made me laugh. And I suppose people don’t get large numbers of children by ignoring each other.

    And that is as far as I am going to take this topic on this family-friendly blog.

  6. I like the beard, too. I shall go urge him to keep it.

  7. hot diggity dog.. if you were not a religous woman, I’d be unleashing my trucker mouth right about now! 😉 I think you should keep him, huh?

  8. He should definitely keep it. He does not look old–neither of you do for that matter. Tell him gray is the new black. It’s very dignified, like mmmm, somebody dignified. =)

  9. Hehehe! My husband decided to grow one of those this year too, in his 38th year 🙂 It looks cute on him too, I say keep it! It can get a little tickly to kiss tho…
    Loving your blog Mary, it is one of my few favourites (kiwi spelling there by the way!)

  10. He does look great with a beard.

    And I am not even going to say one word about the title of this post.
    Nope. Lips. Zipped.