same man, new eyes

This evening I was sitting on the living room floor facebook-chatting with my 18 year old daughter while my hubby read a chapter of Narnia to the kids. Partway through the story, my three year old felt the siren call of sleep and came to snuggle against me.

I love that she still thinks I am the best person to snuggle with when going to sleep– yes, even though that means she still climbs in bed with us most mornings, and spends the last hour or two of the night vigorously kneading my ribs with her little toes.

This evening she soon dozed off, then slumped off my lap, and wiggled down to the floor to continue her slumber. After the story and prayers, as I hugged various children and reminded them to put on a clean shirt or get a shower or take your medicine or brush your teeth or tell me you love me for-goodness-sakes, I became conscious of my husband moving in next to me.

In one sure easy move, he scooped up our limp three year old, draped her over his shoulder and strode off to brush her teeth and tuck her into bed.

As I watched him walk away, broad shouldered and narrow-hipped in his black t-shirt and Levis, I saw him with new eyes. And marveled over the gorgeousness of him. And exulted that he is MINE.

The fact that he carries little girls off and brushes their pearly teeth and tucks them tenderly into bed with the experience and adept skill of a father only adds to the charm of him in my eyes.

And then he comes back a few minutes later, unaware of his charm, and wonders why I am staring at him so intently all of a sudden. And he grins anyway, pleased. And when I come to snuggle in beside him on the couch he kisses me soundly, right in front of the teenagers.

Wonderful man.

Lucky am I.


  1. Yes you are lucky. And so is he.

    He sounds like my husband. 🙂

  2. This was beautiful!

  3. “The most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” ~~Theodore M. Hesburgh

  4. What a beautiful tribute. You made me smile. God is so very good!

  5. Blessed indeed! The business of daily life and family often keep us from really looking at our loves and noticing each other. Thanks for sharing your moment with us and reminding us all to notice how blessed we are.

  6. That’s exactly how I feel about my husband!!

  7. Yes you are! I feel the say way about my husband. I love that he is mine.

  8. Isn’t it a comfort to know that after all these years of marriage you are still in love with your man? I know it is to me.
    Lawman and I kiss and hug on a regular basis in front of the teenagers. They always tell us “you’re so weird” but deep down I know they’re glad they have parents who are married, still love each other and show affection. I pray that they too will have that as a married adult.

  9. Hi Mary, I tagged you! You can read the rules at my blog Life More Abundantly. I hope you play along, I love to read about you ;o)

  10. Aww! So very sweet, Mary.

    I had one of those moments last night. I walked into the dark kitchen to find my hubby sitting at the kitchen table in front of the laptop. The glowing screen was illuminating his face and I could see the tiredness in his eyes after an 18 hour day of working and going to school. And I felt so blessed 1. because he’s just looked so cute. 😉 2. because he works so hard to make a better life for our family.

  11. I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone in my crazy affection for my husband! I love him more with each passing year, and I feel oddly blessed to be “his” (even knowing all of his shortcomings). Somehow I’m more acutely aware that he knows all of mine.

  12. And a lucky man to have a woman who notices! 😉

  13. At 19 did you even dream that married life could be so good? I know when I married at 21 I had no clue. I too feel blessed that I have a husband who loves me and our girls.

  14. What a beautiful post, Mary. I love those moments when the pleqsure of watching a simple moment touches my heart again.

    Not to mention, I dig those sound kisses in front of the teenagers.

    It’s fun for us, and it reminds them of the security they have in home. The safety of a mom and dad who still love each other deeply.

    Especially now that thy are both talking about the “d” word. You know, dating.

  15. Sigh.
    The gift of a wonderful husband is a treasure.
    I felt just like you describe two nights ago as I watched my dh spray de-tangler on the younger girls and brush their hair. Enjoying it and doing it well. Just being a dad.
    Coulda’… maybe I shoulda’… ya’ know… cause he was so attractive at that moment.

  16. I find my self doing that as well, just sitting there smiling at how lucky I am to have the husband I have. I love him more and more each day. I love reading about you and your family, I check your blog every day. Thanks for all that you put into it.

  17. I have those same moments with my husband. I knew exactly what you describing!

  18. Hey,
    Totally off the subject. Did you finish that book
    “Pagan Christianity”???
    I have it and was told it can deep and really putting
    yourself in check… I am going to read it soon here after
    I finish up a few other books…
    By the way I found you thru P-Dub when you where all
    jetting to DR. Read every ones bloggs and it was great
    reporting details back from all… I spent a lot of time
    in Mexico. Not a lot in the way of a tourist either.
    I will go back again.
    Thanks for the great stories.
    Rachel D.

  19. Aww, I totally melted. I can’t say that I know that feeling exactly as my husband and I don’t have any children yet, but there are still those moments when I feel the same way about my Joseph.

  20. So sweet! I pray my husband-of-one-year and I will have that kind of relationship 15 years from now!

  21. At this very moment, my husband is sprawled on the couch near me, eyes closed, softly snoring.

    He thinks he’s getting a cold. But that didn’t stop him from:
    working all day, coming in and playing Wii with the kids, cooking a full gourmet dinner, and snuggling with kids before they went to bed. He even peeled himself off the couch and tucked the girls into bed.

    Be still my heart.

  22. Lucky *all* of you.

  23. love this

  24. WhoooEEE….***fanning myself***

    I like the way you talk about your love, Mary, even more than PW talks about hers. I can relate to it!

  25. That’s about the best post ever, thanks.

  26. Lovely. I’ve only been married for a year but my parents have been married for 38. Next weekend we’re having a family outing to celebrate that they’ve been dating for 40 years! These kind of stories make great examples and remind me to keep working on my marriage.

  27. I have lurked on your blog for a couple months now and followed your DR Compassion trip, crying all the while. Now you keep me crying!

    What a sweet man. And what a sweet reminder of how precious my man is, too. There are days I gaze at my B and think, “How is it possible to be so blessed?” Thanks for sharing.

  28. Loved this post! Now I’ll have to go read your DR posts… 🙂

  29. So sweet. i am lucky that i really love my man too! it’s nice when that happens isn’t it?!

  30. Marriage to a wonderful man is a true gift from God! May your blessings continue!

    Sorry I’ve been a little absent lately-am catching up tonight!